The 5 Most Inexplicable Websites on the Internet

Sites like these — sites that seem to have been made for a purpose, but a purpose so inscrutable that they end up making zero damn sense. Read on and be baffled …

inexplicable sites apples

You’re a fat lady who loves apples. A leg in fishnet stockings kicks them at you. If you eat too many apples, a mysterious hand stabs you in the back, making you bleed apples. Strangest of all is that the website claims that it’s a “Valentine’s Day Collaboration” between a couple of artists. What this has to do with Valentine’s Day I’m not sure, but I do know it has plenty to do with the deep pit in my stomach. Fun!


inexplicable sites A858

One of the Internet’s biggest mysteries is a subreddit known as /r/A858DE45F56D9BC9, or /r/A858 for short. It’s one of a few “number subreddits” that regularly post seemingly random numbers. But the numbers aren’t random. In fact, there’s a whole community (/r/Solving_A858) dedicated to figuring out what these numbers mean. So far they’ve found GIFs, programming scripts, puzzles, and even an ASCII art picture of Stonehenge. What does it all mean? Why does it exist? Why does ANYTHING exist? Is there a god? So many questions.

Dean and Nigel Blend In

inexplicable sites dean and nigel

Two British men impersonate strangers on the street and take pictures next to them. Sounds simple enough, right? But why? Why are they doing this? Is it supposed to be funny? Or, like, some kind of art project? It’s a sex thing, isn’t it? Please don’t tell me it’s a sex thing. Whatever it is, it doesn’t make any damn sense. To make things even weirder, this site hasn’t been updated since 2003, but is still up for some reason. Weirdest of all? They apparently did a shoot for Maxim Magazine back in 2001, proving once and for all that this world is crazy as a sh*thouse rat.

Seven Peas

inexplicable sites seven peas

You’ve heard of interactive online musical instruments before, right? Well, here’s one that makes no sense. Over some jazzy background music, you see seven peas in a pod, each of which makes various animal noises when you click on it. They also seem to move around a little. I haven’t stayed on this site long enough to see if anything else happens, but why would anything else happen? Why does anything happen all? And most importantly, what the hell was this website’s creator thinking?

inexplicable sites 973

At first glance, this is a jumble of words and web design by a religious schizophrenic. On second glance though, there’s too much going on, and it’s been maintained for too long, to just be the work of a mentally ill person. So what’s the point? Only its maker knows, and he or she isn’t telling.


Which website are you now devoted to figuring out?



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