5 Insane Facts About How Much Money ‘Infinity War’ Has ALREADY Made

In case you hadn’t heard, Marvel movies are pretty good at obliterating box office records. And it should come as no surprise that Avengers: Infinity War – aka The Most War Possible (according to math) – just made more money in one weekend than any film in history. At both the US box office, and even internationally (without China, even!).


1. Literally the biggest domestic opening weekend ever ($258.2m)

The previous record-holder for biggest domestic opening weekend was 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens at $247m. And it made sense – the first SEQUEL Star Wars film in nearly 30 years! A new Star Wars for a new generation! If you remember winter 2015, you’ll remember how that was pretty much the only thing on anyone’s mind. NEW STAR WARS – how could you think of anything else? The air was abuzz with anticipation for what ended up being the highest grossing film (domestically) ever.

All that buzz? All that hype? That was nothing compared to Avengers: Infinity War, which blew that number out of the water by about $10m. That’s right – Han Solo died for nothing.


2. Literally the biggest domestic single box office day ever ($82.1m)

I haven’t seen a whole lot of outlets talking about this, but Infinity War made more on a single day than any other movie has ever made at the box office – $82.1m on Saturday. One reason this probably isn’t being too heavily discussed is the way box office numbers are calculated – namely, how Friday numbers roll in Thursday “preview” screenings. See, technically, box office stats say that The Force Awakens’ Friday is the highest box office day ever at $119m – but this number includes $57m in Thursday previews, meaning that the movie ACTUALLY only made $62m on that Friday. Similarly, Infinity War has a reported $106m for its Friday numbers – but that includes $39m in Thursday numbers.

So – not only did Infinity War have the biggest domestic Saturday box office ever, it has the BIGGEST SINGLE DAY AT THE BOX OFFICE IN US HISTORY. IT MADE MORE MONEY IN ONE DAY THAN ANY OTHER MOVIE EVER. So that continuation of the Star Wars universe that the world was anticipating for 30 years? No one gives a shit anymore.


3. Oh hey it had the biggest domestic Sunday gross ever, too ($69.2m)

Hey that’s pretty cool. Infinity War’s Sunday number was higher than The Force Awakens’ Saturday number ($68.3m), which was THAT MOVIE’S biggest day! Maybe just give up, Star Wars. Is there even any POINT to making Episode IX, now that you’ve been so thoroughly embarrassed?


4. Also the biggest worldwide opening weekend ever, because sure why not ($640.9m)

Worldwide openings are a bit hard to gauge – after all, certain films will open at different times in different markets, often weeks or even months apart. Infinity War is fortunate, then, that it opened PRETTY MUCH everywhere all at the same time – and was able to claim $640.9m in the span of about three days, utterly trouncing the previous worldwide record holder: The Fate of the Furious, at $541m. Yep – it topped that by $100m, and it did it WITHOUT opening in China, the biggest non-US film market in the world – and, in case you were curious, Fate of the Furious DID have its Chinese opening included in its debut numbers.

And it gets REAL wild once you start looking at individual countries, where Infinity War set records as the biggest opening in….so many countries, including:

  • South Korea
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • ….and a bunch more. Christ.

Maybe send the Toretto crew into space next time to meet up with the characters from Star Wars, which is the only hope either franchise has of topping Infinity War.

…honestly, sending the Toretto crew into space isn’t THAT far-fetched of an idea, given the trajectory fo that franchise.


5. It beat the entire domestic run of ‘Justice League’ (which now sits at $229m)

When discussing the box office returns of a big superhero crossover film in 2018, it becomes impossible to not bring up Justice League – DC’s crown jewel, which it had hoped would be an Avengers of its very own. Spoiler alert – it wasn’t! Calling the film a flop might be generous given the expectations WB had for the film. Regardless, it did make $229m domestically over the course of its several month run – a number Avengers: Infinity War crushed in about 3 days (and – reminder – that Black Panther crushed in 4 days).

Honestly, I’d feel a little bad for Justice League if it wasn’t such an expensive mess that everyone involved made knowing it was a bad idea (given production started just a little while after Batman v. Superman opened to horrible reviews and epic box office drops week-to-week). It really is a testament to the differing philosophies of Marvel and DC – Marvel takes its time, thinks things out, plans ahead, and makes high-quality products…and audiences respond to these efforts by GETTING HYPED AS HELL for their insanely good films and showing up en masse. The MCU has built an incredible brand name for itself – people INHERENTLY trust MCU films to be enjoyable and fun, because even Marvel at its worst isn’t half-bad.

Hell, they’re smart enough that they’ve expertly turned Ant-Man into a huge character (his very fun cameo in Civil War went a long way with general audiences), and they know exactly how to build off of the hype of Infinity War. Seriously, Ant-Man and the Wasp is gonna make $100m+ opening weekend. THE SCOTT LANG VERSION OF ANT-MAN, NO LESS. If you would have told me that even a few years ago, I would’ve laughed at the idea. But Kevin Feige and his crew are the ones laughing now.

Fun isn’t something one considers when making insane amounts of money at the box office, but this…does put a smile on my face.


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