5 Insanely Creative Arcade Games

Arcades used to rule the gaming industry with an iron fist, giving gamers a chance to sweat profusely and plunk down hard-earned quarters for a chance at fleeting immortality in the form of three little initials. But as console gaming has become more and more popular, arcades have had to step up their game to draw people in, and that desperation can lead to some weirdly awesome (awesomely weird?) results. Here are five insanely creative arcade games.

Dark Escape 4D

creative arcade dark escape

Dark Escape 4D is a survival horror arcade game that, as the 4D part suggests, shoots out blasts of air and water as it terrifies you into therapy. Not only that, the game’s controller monitors your heart rate as you go, making you fully aware of exactly how much of a chicken you are and adjusting your progress accordingly. I get it, non-sentient video game — the Singularity is coming! You don’t need to rub it in my face!


Cho Chabudei Gaeshi

creative arcade chabudei

In English, this game is literally called Flip the Dinner Table, and because we live in a world of magic and wonder sometimes, you get to do exactly that with the game’s unique controls. The irony is that if this game did NOT exist, I’d be mad enough to make me flip a table in real life.

The Silent Scope Series

creative arcade silent scope

The Silent Scope series of games has been around for quite a while, but don’t let its standard shooter appearance fool you — you play as a sniper equipped with a real, working scope on your gun and take out foe after foe with carefully orchestrated head shots. Compared to other shooters, where “spray ‘n pray” methods might hold up, the controlled chaos of Silent Scope is downright unsettling. It’s a much better game than my home version of Silent Scope, which is just what I call it when I quietly gargle with mouthwash.

The Last Barfighter

creative arcade barfighter

How did it take this long for the worlds of arcade gaming and competitive drinking to intersect? It’s not mass produced just yet, but The Last Barfighter is a fighting game that rewards the better scrapper with a sample of brew. So, you know, you can look forward to seeing people getting sloshed and then trying Fruit Ninja sometime in the near future.

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

creative arcade boongga

Most of what you need to know about Boong-Ga Boong-Ga lies in the fact that it’s alternately called Spank ‘Em. Yes, presented with a false posterior, players must not only spank their way to the top, but they must also use a plastic finger accompanying the game to perform a prank known as “kancho” (if you don’t know what that is, let’s go ahead and keep it that way). You don’t need a plastic trophy shaped like a pile of crap that bad (there is one hundred percent a real pile of crap trophy you can win from this game, guys).





5 Insanely Creative Arcade Games

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