5 Movie Franchises With More Installments Than James Bond

With the 24th James Bond movie, Spectre, having just hit theaters, it’s hard to think of other series surviving so long. But as it turns out, the internet is a great place to look up things that are hard to think of — there are actually a lot of things that come up when you Bing “film series with more installments then James Bond”. The first was “Did you mean: film series with more installments THAN James Bond?” and I was like “Thanks Bing, I was trying to give you some free promotion, but if you are gonna be a dick about it…” and Bing was like “Please, I was only kidding! I NEED this! I have a family to feed!” and I was like “Okay” and Bing was like “So what was your question again?” and I’m like “Seriously? It was: film series with more installments then James Bond.” and Bing is like “hang on let me Google that for you”.

Here are the movie series with more installments than James Bond!

Rin Tin Tin (27 films, and then 14 Rin Tin Tin Jr., and then Rin Tin Tin III)

many movies rin

Rin Tin Tin is the original Air Bud (the dog, not the movie), but instead of being able to play basketball (and then subsequently all other sports and then having puppies that can talk now or something I honestly don’t know anymore), Rin Tin Tin was in World War I and made a bunch of movies with badass titles like The Man from Hell’s RiverClash of the Wolves, and The Man Hunter. The canine’s films where enormously popular in the silent film era, which contributed to the success of Warner Brothers. Rin Tin Tin also helped pave the way for an entire genre of films that would capitalize on animals doing crazy stuff that normally animals can’t do that would culminate in Air Buddies, a film that, to put things into perspective, has a better Rotten Tomatoes score then the current Bond film.

Tarzan (29, but really more like 50 films)

many movies tarzan

Turns out, Tarzan was super popular long before he was rumored to be Elsa and Anna’s baby brother. It’s almost as if he was a character entirely independent from the Disney empire and that shoehorning him into the larger universe of Frozen was to give credence to that film and not the other way around? I did a little digging online, and it turns out that there have already been several Tarzan films. In fact, in the original run of film franchise from 1932 to 1970, there were 29 films starring the vine-swinging loin-clothed hero. When you factor in all of the silent movie era Tarzan films, and the unauthorized films, and Disney’s animated films, and the incomparable Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle (a movie based on a cartoon spoofing Tarzan), you end up with a number closer to fifty. Oh, and go ahead and throw in the adaptation on the way in 2016 too. Way to stay relevant, Tarzan. As you would say, “Me, impressed.”

Zatoichi (29 films)

many movies zatoichi

If there is a single film premise in all of film that deserves an endless number of franchise installments, it is that of Zatoichi. It legitimately does not get more badass then having a bunch of films center around a blind samurai that is a master swordsman, traveling from town to town, stopping big ol’ nasty bad guys that are always like, “This dude is blind. We can kill him” and then getting the f*cking sh*t murdered out of them. And Zatoichi has done this 29 times. Honestly, that formula does not get old, so let’s hope this hero “sees” a lot more screen time (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE*?)

*Zatoichi did not see what I did there

Godzilla (30 films)

many movies godzilla

As far as I’m concerned, there is only ONE real Godzilla film, and that of course is the 1998 classic Godzilla starring Matthew Broderick, a slightly larger than normal Iguana, a bunch of leftover raptors from Jurassic Park: The Lost World. But if you’re a heretic who does not believe in the one true Godzilla, maybe it’s because you’ve seen one of the 29 other films in the franchise (and that’s blasphemy and you will be sentenced to watch Godzilla: The Animated Series from now until the end of time).

Scooby-Doo (38 Films)

many movies scooby

It takes a lot of courage for such a cowardly dog and his mystery-solving human friends to have stayed in the cultural limelight for as long as they have. The Scooby-Doo franchise has traversed more mediums then any of the other franchises on this list, with its characters having appeared in animation, live-action, as puppets, and even Legos. It’s almost as if Scooby-Doo keeps disguising itself in different forms by wearing many different masks to hide it’s simple and formulaic premise… but wait! That’s not Scooby-Doo! It’s Old Man Rin Tin Tin! And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those pesky kids and… wait if Scooby-Doo was Rin Tin Tin this whole time then where are the aforementioned pesky Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma? OH MY GOD HE MURDERED THEM AND ATE THE BODIES! TALK ABOUT A SICK PUPPY! *cue Law & Order theme music*


5 Movie Franchises With More Installments Than James Bond

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There are more films about Wong Fei-hung (over a hundred I believe) than any one else. The Once upon a time in China trilogy staring Jet lee are particularly good.

Zatoichi has 29 films and you could watch all of them back to back and still not see enough of it. Those films are like the classic westerns of the samurai genre.

I’ve even seen Rutger Hauer do a film based on the Zatoichi premise

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