5 Movie Sidekicks That Deserve Their Own Movie

Sometimes the best part of a movie isn’t the hero, but the sidekick. Hollywood is starting to realize this, as spin-off films featuring a movie’s sidekick as the star are starting to be made, such as Disney’s live-action Aladdin spin-off, Genies, or the Despicable Me‘s Minions recently taking over the movies. Here, we’ve listed five more movie sidekicks we think should get their own spin-off feature!

Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller gets all the credit for being the fun lunatic, but best friend and day-off companion Cameron Frye has some straight up psychopathic moments himself. In fact, Cameron Frye’s Day Off would have a lot more potential for wackiness, because rather than using wit and charm to get out of situations, this clip tells us he could probably just creep people out into getting what he wants.


Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass is such a fun movie, but everyone knows it would have been nothing without the super funny and bad-ass Hit-Girl. In fact, she’s a much, much better fighter than the film’s hero, Kick-Ass, and her one-liners are wittier than anything he could come up with. Also, the world is ready for a superhero movie with a female lead who doesn’t have to use seduction as a tactic against her enemies (even though she totally could, she doesn’t need to). Plus, her dad is Nicholas Cage. HER DAD IS NICHOLAS CAGE!!! #money

Garth from Wayne’s World

I would definitely watch a movie that was just 90 minutes of Garth boner-dancing to various ’70s jams while fantasizing about women who are way too attractive to be real humans. Give it to me, Foxy H-Wood.

Duckie from Pretty in Pink

Anyone who has ever had an unrequited crush on a friend can relate to Duckie’s plight in Pretty in Pink. The fact that Molly Ringwald mostly rolls her eyes at him just proves that she doesn’t deserve the Duck-Man. And really, who does? I’d love to see a movie that is all about Duckie finding the woman of his dreams, one who appreciates him AND can handle his incredibly sexy Otis Redding impression.

Dug from Up

It’s impossible not to love Dug and his immediate, unconditional love for everything. Ah, if only the humans of the internet could be more like Dug when it comes to posting comments, amiright?! “I have just watched your sh*tty YouTube video and I love you!” #dreams But seriously, if Pixar made a movie about Dug, we would all be better humans for it. #DugForPresident2016

What sidekick would you like to see in their own movie? Did we forget anyone?

5 Movie Sidekicks That Deserve Their Own Movie


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