5 Movies That REEEEEEALLLY NAILED The Internet

5 Movies That REEEEEEALLLY NAILED The Internet –



The series of tubes that we know as the “Information Superhighway” or “In-ter-net”has ushered in a magical era — information at our fingertips! Unfiltered access to the personal lives of our friends and family! But hey, near the turn of the century, Hollywood was ahead of the curve. THEY figured the internet out waaaaaaay before we did. Here are five movies that absolutely NAILED the Internet.


The Lawnmower Man


The Lawnmower Man proved to us once and for all that screwing around with virtual reality will undoubtedly make you smarter and, as an added bonus, maybe turn you into a telepathic super villain with ambitions based on becoming a being of pure energy! All of those hours spent on the Virtual Boy and Playstation VR will pay off when we transcend consciousness and… uh… make all of the world’s phones ring at once?


Fear dot com


You may not know it, but Fear dot com was a formative website for lots of us. This was the epiphany that we needed in order to realize that websites can be haunted! If someone dies on a shady-ass subscription-based murder site, it’s a guarantee that they’ll create a website of their own to kill people out of vengeance. I mean, it’s basically Internet law at this point, right? Isn’t that what you’d do?


The Net


Sandra Bullock’s action-packed 1995 vehicle struck fear into the hearts of anyone with a dial-up connection and an affinity for Domino’s. In a stroke of pure genius, the movie features the brilliantly simple “” to drive home just how easy it is to order pizza over your computer! We don’t need any of those silly brand names. The Net showed us how convenience works in the digital age! Want to order something? Enter that object into your search bar, throw a .COM at the end of it, and BOOM. INSTANT PIZZA.




What The Net did for ordering your favorite shame-dinner online, Hackers did for understanding the subtle complexities and nuances of computer viruses! Namely that they are actual PHYSICAL entities that live inside your computer. Pesky Da Vinci Virus screwing up your day? Simply fly inside your computer and shoot that thing with INTERNET LASERS. Bing bang boom, no more virus.




2008’s Untraceable begins with a cataclysmic inciting incident: a torture site where people pay to watch a cat get killed. Now, the real internet isn’t quite that dark, but it reveals the truth: the internet actually HATES cats. Mind blown yet? It’s true! From Keyboard Cat to Lil Bub, the denizens of the web have wanted to STICK IT to these smug felines for years, but Untraceable was the first and only film to blow the lid off of this sucker.


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