5 Must Have Phone Apps For Broke Ass Biotches

1. Poshmark

Are you tired of your old wardrobe? Poshmark allows you to easily sell old clothing or accessories and keep 80% of the profit.

Download here.

2. Superduper

If you’re sick of overspending on nail polish, SuperDuper reveals high-quality, spot-on “dupes” of your favorite pricey colors.

Download here.

3. Slice

Everyone hates buying an item only to later see it has gone on sale. Slice will monitor price drops and help you get your money back.

Download here.

4. Gas Buddy

Running low on fuel? Open up Gas Buddy. This app will use your location to find current gas prices at stations nearest to you.

Download here.

5. Berry Cart

We all know eating healthy can be expensive. Berry Cart can help. This app will help you find the best deals on organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO foods near you.

Download here.



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