Are you in need of a boost to increase your sexual prowess? Look no further than things you find in your neighborhood market or, perhaps, your own kitchen. Here are the top items that are proven to reportedly increase a man’s libido.

5 Items Proven To Increase Sex Drive, Marijuana, Weed
Give thanks to reggae musicians for extolling the virtues of this plant. Cannabis has been known to increase libido — and also your appetite. According to Details magazine, men who smoke weed have much better sex lives than those who do not, and more frequent sex, too. The same article also revealed that couples who smoke together stay together, so there’s someone you can also share your case of the munchies with after you do the deed.

Two Cups of Coffee
5 Items Proven To Increase Sex Drive, Coffee
Java beans are well known for perking people up, and they can also enhance your sex drive. According to British newspaper The Independent, the secret to a great sex life may lie in having at least two cups of coffee per day. A study by the University of Texas has found that men who drank two cups a day were 42 percent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to men who didn’t. Scientists believe it could be because the caffeine triggers a chemical reaction that increases blood flow to the penis by relaxing muscles.

Dark Chocolate
5 Items Proven To Increase Sex Drive, Dark Chocolate
Want to sweeten up your sex life? Consider dark chocolate. According to Men’s Fitness, dark chocolate — in addition to being packed with healthy antioxidants — has long been considered an aphrodisiac. The chemical phenylethamine contained in cocoa beans causes the release of endorphins in the brain. The endorphins trigger the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. And that translates to more sweet sensations in the love department.

5 Items Proven To Increase Sex Drive, Garlic
Want to attract the ladies and boost your libido at the same time? Eat your garlic, since it contains allicin, reported by AskMen.com to enhance blood flow to the genitals. Thus making it highly effective in helping to increase sex drive. Oh, yeah. It may be smelly but, according to Forbes, men who eat garlic also make women take notice in a good way. The magazine writes that “once garlic is digested, it simply produces a chemical reaction evidenced in male sweat that is, for whatever reason, appealing to women.” That same odor is a sign of physical health which translates into increased sexual health and vitality.

5 Items Proven To Increase Sex Drive, Pomegranate
Want to eat your way to a more robust sex drive? Pomegranate is a proven performance booster when you’re making whoopee. According to Men’s Fitness, the juice from this fruit, has been linked with antioxidants that support blood flow, which in turn, has a positive effect on erectile dysfunction.




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