5 People Who Hilariously Trolled Scammers By Giving Them A Dose Of Their Own Medicine

The only feeling better than completely avoiding the pernicious forces of scammers (circling all of us like vultures), is the deeply satisfying feeling of trapping a scammer at their own game. It takes a certain amount of humor and savvy to effectively scam the scammer, but when done properly (and subsequently shared with Twitter), it is truly a beautiful feat.

Since it’s far too easy to miss out on the truly cathartic clap-backs exchanged between scammers, and the witty prey who turn around to scam back, I have graciously compiled some of my favorite examples of this trend.

So, please, enjoy the show. Maybe you’ll even feel inspired to take notes for your next run in with a malevolent scammer.

1. This attorney who schooled a scammer.

She was fully ready to take down this scammer with some cold, hard, facts. Since she’s well versed in the ins and outs of both tax and privacy law, calling out the scam was a breeze.

Her flawless call-out deserves an Oscar, or at least a solid nomination.

2. This woman who creeped out a Facebook scammer.


This exchange has a blossoming three-act structure and everything.

3. This woman who gave a phone scammer a taste of their own medicine.

When a scammer came for (former) Twitter user Shaina Gimao, she decided to turn the scam around and offer up some prayers to the Lord. Just, read this beauteous exchange.


Her commitment to the bit really drives the point home.

4. This woman who made a Facebook scammer publicly humiliate himself.

When a woman (whose real name remains anonymous) was messaged by a Facebook scammer named Anil, what followed was a very absurd stream of messages, resulting in him humiliating himself in a public Facebook status.

In case you haven’t gathered thus far, her trolling moniker is Fellatia McSuckle.

This whole scene blew up, to say the least.

5. This man who elaborately proposed to a Twitter scammer.

When Vaibhab Vishal received some DMs from a suspiciously attractive woman (aka a scammer pulled a photo from Google), he decided to see if he could woo his scammer into everlasting marriage.

This one truly came circle, completing the cycle of life.

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