5 Reality Show Challenges That Were More Like Horror Films

5 Reality Show Challenges That Were More Like Horror Films

Watching reality shows is torture enough, but sometimes, they don’t resemble garbage television as much as straight-up snuff films. Here are five reality show challenges straight out of horror movies.

Fear Factor – The whole show

reality horror fear

What about this show WASN’T straight out of a Clive Barker flick? Folks were walking on glass, eating bugs and, as that lovely image up there will show you, WEARING BEES AS BEARDS. Not only that, but you had Joe Rogan, an MMA expert who could legitimately whoop your ass if you got out of line, barking orders at you. Fear Factor was a nightmarish concept, and a terrifyingly specific nightmare at that. Okay, okay, Joe, I’ll jump off the building, just don’t put me in a jujigatame!


Unbeatable Banzuke – “Like a Pierrot Ghost”

reality horror pierrot

Think of Unbeatable Banzuke as Ninja Warrior on acid, as contestants not only work to complete ridiculously hard obstacle courses, but they do so while walking on stilts or riding unicycles. One such course is the adorably titled “Like a Pierrot Ghost” (“Pierrot” being a reference to a Japanese animation company). It’s not really so terrifying, but there is something amusement park-creepy about this course, which is like a “Haunted Mansion” of unicycle courses. Though I guess the fear of falling and humiliating yourself in front of friends, family, and countrymen is scary on a whole new level? That’s it, I’m going through haunted houses exclusively via unicycle from now on. THE ULTIMATE RUSH.


Big Brother UK – “Maggot Shower”

reality horror brother

Okay, so that may not have been the actual name of the challenge, but it got your attention, right? It also sounds like an awesomely awful SyFy movie (DIBS, I got dibs, mother-effers). In this challenge, contestants had to lie in bathtubs, in complete darkness, guessing what various things were that showered upon them from above. Some were relatively harmless, but yes, you guessed it, they were eventually treated to a delightful, Fear Factor-esque maggot shower. So fresh and so clean, clean!


Survivor: South Pacific – “Pig Out”

reality horror survivor

In the twenty-third season of my favorite reality competition show named after an iconic ’80s rock band, this challenge saw contestants go to town on pig corpses using nothing but their mouths, resulting in blood and cuts and bruises galore. Man, I can’t even eat ice cream without complaining about sore teeth — go ahead and vote me right the hell off. Hey, shut up, it happens to everyone.


Solitary – The… uh… entire show

reality horror solitary

Solitary was a fascinating show for a handful of seasons, and do you know why? Because it was culled straight from the mind of Jigsaw, without any of the his fun morals. The entire concept revolved around an “experiment” in which contestants were tortured to their breaking point by a female HAL proxy (“VAL,” because subtlety). The challenges included being locked inside a safe, standing on beds of nails, and attaching clothespins to their flesh. Now if only shows like this were the punishments for getting eliminated from other shows, we could have a whole entertainment-based society built upon this weird Inception-like hierarchy of torture. JUST LIKE THE GOOD OL’ DAYS.



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these are not the worst things that have been asked of contestants on shows and this article is balls i can top everything on this list with 1 thing rotten cow eye balls had to be popped in the mouth no hands then spit in to a glass until full of the rotten slime mess then they had to drink the whole glass i guess if you had a specific condition to 1 of the things on this list they could be worse but ….doubt it

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