5 Sexting Tips Because Yes, It’s Normal To Have No Idea What To Say


5 Sexting Tips Because Yes, It’s Normal To Have No Idea What To Say

How is your sext life? Probably stressful, to say the least. Even if you love it, knowingwhat to say when you’re sexting is…hard (*wink* See? I’m not good at this.) Sexting – Amber Rose agrees –is a crucial element to keeping the  the sexual tension nice and thick between you and your partner. Your friends will talk your ear off with advice on what to text back, but what to write when you’re sexting is a different beast entirely. You may not want to ask your friends for that, so here are some examples and tactics on what to sext back.

There’s an app for that

Nattr is an app where people crowd-source their flirtations. You post a screenshot of your current text convo and watch the suggestions role in. You’re not allowed to post any nudes I’m sure, but innuendo is always a great initiator to full on sext. This app allows you to post anonymously because sending a screenshot mid-sext to your friend is asking for a very awkward situation. Unless you’re texting the “Samantha” of your group that is.

Be your own sext photographer

In Amy Schumer’s brilliant sketch, “Sext Photographer” she brings in professional help when ‘Bobby’ requests that she send him a pic.

If only such resources existed. Alas, we are left alone to spend way too much time and energy experimenting with lighting and angles. I’m personally not a big photo-sexter. I’m of the mind that “If you wanna see, come over and see it.”

Up your emoji game

If Virginia is indeed for lovers, consider Flirtmoji the Virgina of emoji apps. It’s not available on itunes because those guys over at Apple are no fun, but you can purchase the collection of over 160 images on their website. Sure, they are mostly focused on doing the ol’ in-and-out, but I find some to be rather romantic. I find the two toothbrushes canoodling adorable.

Channel your own inner Amber Rose

In addiction to downloading Rose’s own emoji app, I wish there was a way to download her overall attitude. She says what she feels and means what she says. I think this is not only the key to solid sexting skill, but life skills in general. You want a finger in the booty? Say it! Sext it! Just don’t deny that you like it, like Kanye. Know who you are and what you want so you can go get it.

Know your audience

Keep him wanting more by giving a little bit of detail at a time. If you’ve had sex before, recall back to some of the highlights. Sometimes good sexting is just encouraging your partner to keep going. Let them know you like what you’re hearing- or rather reading via text.

Cosmo collected some of the hottest sext women have ever gotten. I obviously understand why these were posted anonymously, but I sure am curious who the um, authors are.  Here are a few examples.


See there? Nothing wrong with letting him do most of the work.


Basically, just text what you’d like your partner to do and where you’d like them to do it. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Chances are, you’ll still get some action even if you sext a typo.




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