5 Silly Characters That Popped Up in Otherwise Serious Games

Some games take themselves way, way too seriously, what with all of the bloodshed and uber-macho glowering going on. That’s why it’s such a relief that some of those very games lighten things up a bit with the appearance of utterly ridiculous secret (or not-so-secret) characters. Here are five silly characters that appeared in otherwise serious games.


Mokap – Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

silly characters mokap

All right, I’m gonna take this opportunity to single out our most immature readers. Guys, let’s get this out of the way up top — Mokap was covered in balls. Go on, get them giggles out. Yes, in the super-duper serious world of Mortal Kombat, there was a character named Mokap, and to the developers’ credit, he wasn’t just a nod to their testers. This dude actually had a full-on backstory, yet another example of the series’ insistence of replacing hard Cs with Ks. Hey, maybe the next game can feature a deadly English teacher, BECAUSE THAT SH*T IS WRONG, GUYS.


Unicorn – Red Dead Redemption

silly characters unicorn

Red Dead Redemption is an insanely cool sandbox game set in the wild west. It didn’t leave much room for humor, until you get to the Undead Nightmare expansion pack, and then sh*t starts getting straight-up silly. The best example is the unicorn you can find, break, and ride. Not only that, but rainbows come out of his backside! C’mon, John Marsten, I know you’re busy avenging your family and whatnot, but can you at least smile a LITTLE at this?!


Tofu – Resident Evil 2

silly characters tofu

Resident Evil 2 scared the ever-loving piss out of gamers in the late ’90s, with its terrifying atmosphere and impossible-to-use tank controls. If you wanted more replay value, though, you could go to the trouble of unlocking Tofu, a zombie-slaying piece of… uh… tofu. I mean, I suppose that’s scary enough to zombies — brains DEFINITELY aren’t vegan.


Mokujin – Tekken 3

silly characters mokujin

The Tekken series is SO dark that at one point you fight the goddamn DEVIL himself. But amidst all the seriousness is a legendary character called Mokujin, and he is a completely wooden fighter. And really, what’s more deadly than a well-placed splinter? “All right, you win, Mokujin, now PLEASE just get me the TWEEZERS.”


Fred Durst – Fight Club

silly characters durst

I really never get tired of reminding people of the fact that Fight Club was not only one of the worst video games ever, but it also featured the lead singer of Limp Bizkit as a playable character. Granted, the chance to punch Fred Durst in the face is VERY hard to pass up, but man, for such an awesome movie to be based on, this game is just the worst. WAIT. IT’S THE DURST.




5 Silly Characters That Popped Up in Otherwise Serious Games



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