5 Space Objects with the Power to Wipe Out Earth

We’re all basically fish in a barrel when it comes to space weapons.

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You know what’s scary? Lunar prospecting.

It’s scary because prospecting leads to mining and mining leads to export. The only way economically export minerals from the moon to earth is a mass driver. Any mass driver that could place a few tons of minerals low earth orbit could hit the earth. The only difficult bit is safely landing the payload. If you didn’t land it “carefully”, you could destroy surface targets with kinetic energy alone and there’s not much you could do to stop it once it’s coming. A 1 ton mass travelling at Apollo mission speeds is only the equivalent of 15 tons of TNT (similar to a tactical nuclear weapon), but there’s not much you could do to stop a hundred thousand of those missiles that could be launched before you could send a task force to destroy the mass driver.

The Chinese are prospecting now and I reckon they could be exporting minerals within 20 years easily. Or the US private sector could do it. Would you rather be ruled by a foreign state or Lex Luthor?

In summary: retire in Wyoming, far from anything of value.

A weapons in Outer Space Treaty, authored by the US and USSR? One must ask any one of the native tribes in America, just how effective treaty’s are..

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