5 Things That Used to Be Nerdy but Are Now Cool

If you wore thick glasses or suspenders in the ’70s and ’80s, you can bet that you were going to get your lunch money stolen and given a swirly in the toilet. If you wear them today, you’re probably serving coffee at a hipster joint or a working as a mixologist downtown. It’s all a circle, baby (paraphrasing Matthew McConaughey in True Detective, FYI). The mainstream has appropriated nerd/geek culture — what was OUT is now IN. Check it out:


nerdy glasses then now niall

If you played a nerd on TV in the ’80s or ’90s, you were going to have thick glasses. Now, these glasses are considered hipster and HOT (I say this as a person currently wearing said glasses). Glasses don’t really mean “I spend all day at the library” anymore. They mean “I have amazing fashion sense” (again, speaking as someone wearing them).


cosplay nerdy then cool now sexy

Dressing up as your favorite characters used to be considered serious nerd territory. Now? All of the hottest celebrities come by Comic-Con wearing a storm trooper mask or Lego Boba Fett. Some nerds lament the fact they they no longer have control over the festival, and therefore the trends in cosplay, as Comic-Con is now overrun by the likes of Twilights stars and blockbuster movies. The rest of us, though, don’t mind hopping on the bandwagon.

Calculator Watches

calculator watch nerdy cool apple watch

Apple Watches are glorified calculator watches (they tell time and do long division). What was once the symbol for the ultimate nerd is now a status symbol (perhaps because the price went up 600 percent). When celebrities are wearing their Apple Watches next to their diamond bracelets, you know that sh*t is cool.

Sci-Fi Fans

sci fi fans then now funny nerdy cool

No longer is it considered geeky to like Star Wars, Star Trek, or Lord of The Rings. EVERYONE LIKES THEM. The fandom doesn’t solely consist of overweight, middle-aged people who live in their mother’s basements (no offense though, for real). Futuristic movies are now the number one box office earners along with sci-fi sequels. The world is on board.


hipster suspenders then vs now nerdy

Suspenders used to be out, and baggy, saggy pants were in. Now you can’t enter a hip joint without seeing a bearded man in suspenders. They don’t read as “I can’t get a date” but more “I have a record player in my living room.” Very dapper!




5 Things That Used to Be Nerdy but Are Now Cool

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Suspenders will always be not cool, although qutie usefull for the person wearing them. …as for the rest, I may have to agree.

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