5 Unexpected Celebrity Relations

There are billions upon billions of people walking around on this glorious planet. Some of them, those we worship and admire from afar (but often not afar enough), are crazy famous and successful. Just by sheer statistics, it stands to reason that some of these famous people would be related in wacky, unexpected ways. So here are five unexpected celebrity relations!

Elle King is the daughter of Rob Schneider

unexpected relations elle

You know that jangly “Ex’s & Oh’s” song you hear for four seconds and hum until your next birthday? Well, if you didn’t know, that little ditty is by Elle King, who happens to be the daughter of perennial Sandler-buddy and SNL alum Rob Schneider. You know, it sounds like the beginning of a Family Guy bit. “Rob Schneider is: The Father of a Pop Star!” Not quite as fun as a stapler, but it’ll do.

The sister of Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows is a pro basketball player

unexpected relations shadows

The lead singer of SoCal-based metal band Avenged Sevenfold is known to fans as M. Shadows, but his real name is Matt Sanders. Sharing this surname is his sister, Amy Sanders, who just so happens to be a pro basketball player. Amy has played in the WNBA for the Detroit Shock and internationally for the Leipzig Eagles in Germany. Normally, you wouldn’t think such impressive athletic genetics run in the same family as a famous metal singer, but have you seen the guns on that guy? Yep, I buy it.

Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy are cousins

unexpected relations mccarthy

It’s no coincidence that these two funny women share a last name — the former co-host of Singled Out and the star of Mike & Molly are cousins. So think about this — in some alternate timeline, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey might have possibly stayed together and popped out a kid, and if they did, that kid would have the genetics of both McCarthys AND the star of Ace Ventura. It could’ve been the funniest baby ever born! Or it could have some really strong opinions on vaccination. Either one, really.

Nicolas Cage is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola

unexpected relations cage

All right, all right, this one is a freebie that you probably already knew (but don’t go frontin’ if you didn’t), but it bears mentioning nonetheless. Nicolas Cage, your friend and hero, star of The Wicker Man and FACE/OFF and the Superman that sadly never was, was born Nicolas Coppola. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because his uncle, Francis Ford Coppola, directed this one movie you may have heard people talk about once or twice called THE GODFATHER. If a Cage-starring remake isn’t something that you’ve always wanted, I don’t know what is.

Chelsea Peretti’s brother founded BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post

unexpected relations peretti

Speaking of national treasures, Chelsea Peretti is somebody that, if you don’t know and love already, you absolutely should. Her character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina Linetti, described herself as “the human form of the 100 emoji”, if you needed proof of the awesomeness. But it doesn’t end there — Chelsea’s brother, Jonah Peretti, founded BuzzFeed, so if you’re a fan of listicles (and come on, if you’re reading this, you know you are), you can thank that guy. I wonder what emoji I would be? DON’T SAY THE POOP ONE. I TOLD YOU THAT’S NOT COOL.




5 Unexpected Celebrity Relations

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