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5 Weird Facts About Florida That Will Make Florida Seem Even Weirder

5 Weird Facts About Florida That Will Make Florida Seem Even Weirder


There are a lot of messed up things about Florida — its tropical climate is the perfect weather for growing both oranges and the nation’s craziest news stories. So it makes perfect sense that the Sunshine State’s fun facts are a Florida-level of f-ed up as well! Here are the weird Florida facts that make Florida seem even weirder!


Crocodiles and Alligators Live Together

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Florida is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators co-exist. Alligators have been known to inhabit Floridian’s swimming pools, but the only true place where crocodiles and alligators live in the same place is the Florida Everglades.


There’s an Amish Beach Resort


Sarasota, Florida is home to the neighborhood of Pinecraft, which has become a haven for the plain folk who want a break from the cold, but don’t want a break from the simple life. Florida truly is the vacation state for everyone!


The Florida Keys Seceded from the United States


The entire state of Florida seceded during the Civil War, but just the Florida Keys seceded in 1982 when they declared themselves the Conch Republic. Key West Mayor Dennis Wardlow went so far as declared war on the U.S. to protest a Border Patrol-run road block and checkpoint just south of Florida City. All that said, the Conch Republic didn’t last long. Within one minute, Wardlow surrendered and applied for $1 billion in foreign aid. Sometimes, a minute away to relax and reflect is all you need.


There’s a Florida Version of Bigfoot


Florida has its own version of Bigfoot, because of course it does. He’s an eight-foot tall monster who goes by the name Skunk Ape, and his sightings are accompanied by smellings too (hence the name). Sightings were particularly common in the 1960s and ’70s, and even prompted Florida legislators to try to make it a misdemeanor to “take, possess, harm or molest anthropoid or humanoid animals”.


The South Florida Museum has Poop on Display


Talk about a sh*tty vacation. The South Florida Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of fossilized poop. The thing that’s truly disturbing about this is that it’s the world’s largest collection of fossilized poop and not the world’s only collection of fossilized poop.

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