The 5 Weirdest Corporate Twitter Accounts

Most CEOs grew up in a world without Twitter, so they haven’t figured how the whole “social media” thing works. Most of the time, this leads to companies with boring accounts, but sometimes something goes goes awry. Some businesses end up famous for some truly weird tweets. And here they are now!



twitter ihop

When it comes to pancakes, IHOP is the biggest game in town. So, their Twitter should just be a bunch of pictures of pancakes and messages about promotions, right? Apparently, that wouldn’t be good enough. IHOP tweet at pancakes as if they’re in a romantic relationship with them, like when they asked pancakes to “back that stack up”. There was even a tweet that caused controversy because it compared a stack of pancakes to a woman’s breasts. That’s right, there was a controversial tweet ABOUT PANCAKES.



twitter charmin

Toilet paper doesn’t need to be advertised, but that doesn’t stop Charmin. Their Twitter strategy consists of using #tweetfromtheseat, which implies exactly what you’re thinking. Charmin wants people to update their twitter profiles while they use the toilet. We all know that it happens, but Charmin is the worst for making us think about it.


Burger King

twitter burger

For the most part, Burger King has a pretty typical Twitter, with its combination of promotional offers and food memes. However, one time someone hacked into it and changed the avatar to a McDonald’s logo and tweeted that the burger chain had been sold. The craziest part was that the Burger King Twitter account gained a ton of new followers. Most people’s lives get ruined when they get hacked, but it actually helped this particular burger restaurant.


Pizza Hut

twitter pizza

Kanye West is known for being a little larger than life, especially on Twitter. Pizza Hut, on the other hand, is a fast food pizza chain that has no business trolling anyone, let alone Kanye West. When West Tweeted about his $53 million dollar debt, Pizza Hut created a fake resume for him and offered the musician a job. So does Pizza Hut think people will choose them over Domino’s because they were brave enough to call Kanye out?


DiGiorno Pizza

twitter digiorno

DiGiorno misunderstood a hashtag about domestic assault, and accidentally inserted their pizza brand into a very troubling conversation. This caused a loud and completely avoidable uproar. First of all, DiGiorno, always check your hashtags before you use them. Second, no one ever mistakes your pizza for delivery.


Do you follow any of these twitter accounts?

The 5 Weirdest Corporate Twitter Accounts



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