50 Amazing Sex Facts You May Not Know

50 Amazing Sex Facts You May Not Know

Think you know everything there is to know about sex? Sure, you may have the basics down but we’re pretty sure that you’ve never heard of these 50 amazing sex stats. From the animals who mate for life to why some men like a big bottom, it’s time to get an education…

3 replies on “50 Amazing Sex Facts You May Not Know”

What a stupid list. Some of it is even flat out wrong. Dolphins and humans are NOT the only species to have sex for pleasure. Citation please.

I was about to say, bonobos are noted for shagging anything. Ducks are just wierd.

Does it hurt to be so anal?

dickhead can be read as asshole as well.

This comment is meant for ‘it hurts to make a comment that isn’t criticism’ demstaranus, not you, LordJim

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