50 Cent Has Quit Instagram, Says Secret Service Is After Him Over Whether Money Used In Photos Was Counterfeit

50 Cent Has Quit Instagram, Says Secret Service Is After Him Over Whether Money Used In Photos Was Counterfeit


It’s been a sad, sad decline for 50 Cent these past few months – not only did the guy have to declare bankruptcy, but his attempt to maintain his rap mogul image by showing off wads of fake cash on Instagram has landed him in…well, semi-hot water? Room temp? Briefly heated? I’ll line ‘em up if you pick ‘em, but either way the judge for his bankruptcy case was reportedly NOT happy with 50’s aggressive fronting.

Even though he was eventually called back to court to explain what the hell was going on with his excessively cash-laden photos, it looks like the outcome of the meeting didn’t end in his favor as the rapper has come forward to announce that he’s officially quitting Instagram. In a series of posts to what I suppose we now have to refer to as “The Account Previously Known As 50 Cent’s Instagram,” 50 sort-of-kind-of-not-really-but-definitely-put-forth-some-effort into explaining exactly why he was quitting Instagram, stating that

“The system is so messed up, the law applies differently to people based on the personal perception of them. It’s amazing how bad it is, it’s sad.”


So 50 quit Insta because he didn’t like how the courts were treating him due to his status as a rapper. Or, y’know, he could’ve just stopped teasing the legal system with uploads like this:

But what do I know?

You can read the rest of 50’s lament below:

“When a judge reads a prepared statement to start proceedings to state they treat everyone the same in court. You should be concerned, I already new I would be treated differently. They know the difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7 they just never saw anyone from hip-hop culture use it.”

50’s leaving comes a day after the rapper reportedly struck a deal in his bankruptcy case, and a few days after revealing all that money he posts on his socials were about as fake as his persona. The rapper said the revelation actually sent the Secret Service knocking:

“I have millions of dollar in my company’s, the court knows this. I was accused of committing fraud with nothing but a IG photo. I can careless what these people think of me but it’s not right. Now someone from secret service is asking if prop money was counter fitted. How the fuck would I know that sh*t head? Smh”


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2 replies on “50 Cent Has Quit Instagram, Says Secret Service Is After Him Over Whether Money Used In Photos Was Counterfeit”

“Prop money was counterfeited” depends on the intent.

Anyway, he has been positively gagging to be incarcerated.

Somehow he got it into his head to use US bankruptcy law to his advantage. I can’t say arseholes like trump haven’t used it, but they are smart enough to play the game and not let ego get the better of them.

Anyhow, the purpose of bankruptcy protection is to help people a companies get back on their feet and repay debts owed. If you set out to borrow money with no intention to repay, the law takes a dim view.

This also goes to show you’d best check out celeb’s credit before extending him more.

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