50 Interesting TV Details Most Fans Didn’t Notice –

SpongeBob SquarePants

In the beginning of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode ‘Dying For Pie’, as SpongeBob slides across the window to follow Squidward, he unintentionally ‘cleans’ the window, due to him being a sponge.

Conan O’Brien

When Conan O’Brien reviewed Fallout 4, his staff created his character based on him. They maxed out charisma and Luck, but they minimized everything else.

Parks & Recreation

In Parks & Recreation, Jeremy Jamm says he loves Chinese culture but in his house, he has a sign that says North Korea in Japanese.


In Jeopardy, this small white light at the base of each player’s podium tells Alex Trebek which player gave the last correct response.

Valery Legasov

In Chernobyl, Valery Legasov is led to an interview room after the trial and upon entering checks behind the door. A common KGB technique was to have an armed executioner wait behind the door and shoot as the victim entered.

Boating School

In the SpongeBob SquarePants Season 1 Episode “Boating School” We hear Fred screaming ‘My Leg!’ for the first time. About 19 years later in the S11 episode “My Leg!” during a compilation of him screaming My Leg, we see the exact same moment but from Fred’s perspective.

Daenerys Targaryen

In the Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen gets more braids in her hair as she wins more victories – following the Dothraki tradition and proving her valour as a Khaleesi.


In Spongebob SquarePants S03E03, Squidward eats Krabby Patties in the same way that sea cucumbers eat micro-organisms. Spongebob was made by Stephen Hillenburg, who has a degree in Marine Biology.

Schrute Farms

In the Office, Schrute Farms displays a flag with 15 stars. The 15 stars flag represented the original 13 colonies plus Vermont and Kentucky, used from May 1, 1795, to April 12, 1818. Schrute farms was established in 1812.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In the Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode “The Gang gets Trapped,” it appears that the gang purchased an Indiana Jones costume before breaking into the house but couldn’t decide who should wear it. They instead split it up; Charlie got the jacket, Mac the hat, and Frank the whip.

Arrested Development

Several scenes in Arrested Development hint at Buster losing his arm to a seal.


In the Big Bang Theory finale, Penny is wearing the same shirt she wore in the pilot episode.

Bob’s Burgers

In Bob’s Burgers, Louise fills a pepper shaker through a funnel. When the level of the pepper reaches the bottom of the funnel it stops filling the shaker and starts filling the funnel. When she lifts the funnel, the rest of the pepper falls out and the pepper level in the shaker rises.

Brooklyn 99

On Brooklyn 99, Captain Holt wears a “WTC” breast bar, indicating he was working on 9/11.

Goodbye Michael

In “The Office S07E22: Goodbye Michael”, Michael throws his coveted ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug into the trash can. At the end of the episode, Creed is seen drinking from it.

Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, S03E07, during the flashback scene of the Salamanca’s, you can see Hector sitting in a chair with wheelchair-esque design.


During the Ross’ bachelor party on Friends, the balloons are inflated condoms.

Parks and Recreation

In S04E07 of Parks and Recreation, the image on Tom’s phone rotates while he’s speaking on it because it’s a picture of the dial screen and not an actual call.

Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, the methylamine barrels of Gus Fring’s supplier is imprinted with a golden bee and “00892-B”, which is the hexadecimal RGB code for the signature Breaking Bad green color.

Captain Holt

In Brooklyn 99, Captain Holt’s files are arranged like a pride flag


In Friends S08E17 “The One With The Tea Leaves”, Ross’ T-Shirt has an image on it which means “Friends” in sign language.

Chief Wiggum

In S16E09 of The Simpsons, Chief Wiggum gets promoted to the police commissioner. Lou is promoted to chief and starts wearing long sleeves to reflect his promotion.

Ron Swanson

When Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation) gets a hernia, in the scene several hours after he tries to eat lunch shows his lunch container strewn across the floor because he could not get up to throw it away.

Black Mirror

In Black Mirror’s “Playtest” episode, there’s a contract which says “If you have paused to read this, you will die unless you forward it onto five people within a 28 day period.”

Brooklyn 99

In Brooklyn 99 S01E02, “The Tagger”, you can see on the computer screen the start of a penis graffiti, which the guy was arrested for doing in the first place.

The Office

In the Office, instead of having the Irish flag on St. Patrick’s day, Michael Scott has the Italian flag on his desk.

Rick & Morty

In Rick & Morty S01E10, there is a picture of Abradolf Lincler on Rick’s bedroom wall. He is introduced as one of Rick’s creations in the next episode.


In Sherlock, when Sherlock goes to confront Moriarty at the swimming pool and is greeted by John, John is blinking SOS to Sherlock to signal to him that they are in danger.

Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley, Gilfoil hacks a smart fridge and this code is displayed. In the code is the URL for the music video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give you up” on YouTube.

South Park

In the South Park episode “The Last Of The Meheecans”, Butters calls himself “Mantequilla” which is Spanish for butter

Brooklyn 99

On Brooklyn 99, in the episode “HalloVeen,” you can spot a cute photo of Amy and Jake on Amy’s desk — the picture is actually taken from Melissa Fumero’s Instagram.

Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, when Hank holds up the donation jar for Walt’s surgery the pictures gets cleverly placed under the wanted sign.

Powerpuff Girls

In S02E09 of the Powerpuff Girls, Blossom is Seen Wearing Eric Cartman’s (South Park) Clothes.

Dwight Schrute

In The Office Season 3, Dwight Schrute admires a chair at David Wallace’s house and wants to get one for himself. In Season 9, he has the chair.


In Futurama S04E07 ( A Pharaoh to Remember), Bender whips a slave and the conservation of momentum propels him backward since he is floating in space.

Parks and Recreation

In “Parks and Recreation – S06E10: Second Chunce”, the man drinking coffee behind Ben and Leslie is a cameo by Michael Schur, the show’s co-creator.

Family Guy

In Family Guy, when Lois is using Facebook you can see that Meg has sent her a friend request which she hasn’t accepted.


On Season 4 Episode 2 of the Office, Michael opens the door to let the cameraman out of the sinking car.

Brooklyn 99

In Brooklyn 99, the Swedish police call the Danish ‘garbage people.’ Swedes hate Danes dating back to 1520 when Danish king Christian II ordered a devastating mass execution of the entire Swedish nobility.


In Scrubs S03E14 “My Screw Up,” Ben Sullivan tells Doctor Cox he’ll carry his camera with him until “the day he dies.” After J.D. tells Dr. Cox that a patient has died Ben does not have the camera for the rest of the episode and only directly interacts with Dr. Cox, indicating that he was the patient


In the Lost S02E04, Hurley is drinking milk from a carton he found in the hatch, with a missing child photo of Walt, Michael’s son, who was abducted in the last episode of Season 1.

Parks and Recreation

In Parks and Recreation S03E01, Ron Swanson recreates a famous meltdown of one of his idols, Bobby Knight.


In Seinfeld S03E06: The Parking Garage, everyone hassles Kramer for forgetting where they parked. The location, ‘Green 20’ can be seen in the top right corner at the beginning as well as at the end when they find the car – suggesting the car was just a few feet away all along. Kramer was right.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In S09E10 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – In “Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs” Mac and Dennis don’t know what the fire alarm’s low battery noise is because their old apartment didn’t have a working fire alarm.

Sesame Street

In Sesame Street’s Age of Ultron parody, “Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon,” two banners can be seen in the background with the symbols for Captain Marvel and Black Panther. The episode is from 2015.

Stranger Things 2

In Stranger Things 2, this album was chosen because it looked like the Demogorgon.


Gabe from The Office is so tall that his skeleton costume is two skeletons combined.

Big Bang Theory

On “The Big Bang Theory”, characters wear Flash shirts, and on “The Flash”, the characters can be seen wearing The Big Bang Theory shirts.

Prison yard

The same prison yard is used in Gotham, Daredevil, and Orange is the new Black.


The Simpsons

In The Simpsons S26E14, the other kids play with phones/portable consoles but Nelson (the character above and to the right of Milhouse) has Ball-In-A-Cup because he’s poor.

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