’50 Shades Of Grey’ Author Had A Q&A On Twitter And It Was A Complete Disaster

EL James, author of the widely ridiculed, universally infamous, 50 Shades of Grey took to Twitter to take questions from fans to promote her new novel, Grey. It quickly proved to be a big, big mistake.

Right out the gate, the questions got real.

And of course, she didn’t answer them. But that didn’t stop users from hijacking the Twitter chat and flooding it with the questions they really wanted answered.

Users did not let up…

…at all.

It was brutal.

An accurate depiction of what was going on in James’s head three questions into the Twitter chat:

Source: Giphy

But users didn’t just take the Q&A as an opportunity to question James about the social implications of her work, they also had some fun…

Even her…”unique” writing style wasn’t spared.

But the best question came near the end of the Q&A:

It probably felt something like this.

Source: Tumblr


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