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51 Images Of What Top Athletes Look Like Without Their Clothes… Nude… Naked

51 Images Of What Top Athletes Look Like Without Their Clothes… Nude… Naked


It’s that time of year again. ESPN came out with its Body Issue and it’s getting me motivated to get back into the gym. Check it out. Which ones are your favorites?

(Want to play a game as you go? Try to count the number of creative ways the photographers use to hide female nipples.)


Ali Kreiger – US Women’s National Team

01-ali-kreiger-us-women039s-national-team 03-v954yi7 02-yu6cnat

Aly Raisman – Olympic Gymnast

04-aly-raisman-olympic-gymnast 06-lyhrpkl 05-1bdbmes

Amanda Bingson – Hammer Throw

07-amanda-bingson-hammer-throw 09-lp2uytg 08-ppslkoh

Brittney Griner – Phoenix Mercury

10-brittney-griner-phoenix-mercury 12-di0uvqd 11-mlby2yc

Bryce Harper – Washington Nationals

13-bryce-harper-washington-nationals 14-ohwjp40

Chantae McMillan – Heptathlete

15-chantae-mcmillan-heptathlete 17-xhxjkya 16-kewjjdi

Indianapolis Colts O-Line

18-indianapolis-colts-o-line 19-1wpxxcl

Anthony Castonzo – Indianapolis Colts


Dallas Friday – Wakeboarder


DeAndre Jordan – NBA

22-deandre-jordan-nba 23-g15pykk

Gabrielle Reece and Laird Hamilton – Beach Volleyball and Surfer

24-gabrielle-reece-and-laird-hamilton-beach-volleyball-and-surfer 25-5lqtknu

Jermaine Jones – USMNT

26-jermaine-jones-usmnt 28-yedtnok 27-pjt8q3r

Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers

29-kevin-love-cleveland-cavaliers 30-1jtt9ie

Khatuna Lorig – Olympic Archer

31-khatuna-lorig-olympic-archer 32-ji1lu34

Natalie Coughlin – Olympic Swimmer

33-natalie-coughlin-olympic-swimmer 35-b4kei7q 34-aqgthrt

Odell Beckham Jr – NY Giants

36-odell-beckham-jr-ny-giants 38-wtvwmhs 37-raoqem9

Paige Selenski – Field Hockey

39-paige-selenski-field-hockey 41-nmpv4fp 40-nkztier

Sadena Parks – LPGA

42-sadena-parks-lpga 44-f9h2d4e 43-opwrlhc

Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

45-tyler-seguin-dallas-stars 46-44v0kus

Todd Clever – Rugby

47-todd-clever-rugby 49-cu0pkm4 48-cyb47ol

Leticia Bufoni – Skateboarder

50-leticia-bufoni-skateboarder 51-skl0t26

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Then imagine, if you will, Michelle Jenneke naked and jiggling.

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