6 Actors Who Do Love Doing Their Own Stunts; Don’t Mind Almost Dying

Even when actors brag about doing their own stunts, they usually only handle some of the tame set-pieces. For the truly crazy scenes, they of course still use a stuntman — not just to make sure their A-list actor isn’t blown up, but because stunt doubles make great pals. Some actors, however, really do the life-threatening stunts. Here are six actors who love almost dying!

Tom Cruise

dying cruise

Apparently, Tom Cruise isn’t aware that special effects exist. Whenever a new Mission: Impossible comes out, all anyone talks about is the crazy stunt Tom Cruise did this time. He’s jumped out of the world’s tallest building, rode on the outside of a flying plane, and climbed the side of a mountain, actually risking his life each time. All that, just so every few years we can go “oh yeah, they still make Mission: Impossible movies”.

Christian Bale

dying bale

For The Dark Knight, Christian Bale didn’t do all of the stunts, but he did perform on the ledge of the Sears Tower in Chicago in the Hong Kong scene where Batman dives off one building and crashes into another. And that’s not even the craziest thing Bale’s done for a role — Bale once dropped 60 pounds to play a man with extreme insomnia in The Machinist before gaining all that weight back within a few weeks to film Batman Begins. He’s also yo-yoed his weight all around for films like The Fighter and American Hustle, because apparently Christian Bale hates his heart.

Angelina Jolie

dying jolie

Angelina Jolie did the majority of her own stunts in Salt, with one landing her in the hospital after she hit her head filming a scene. Most people would go “okay, lesson learned” and hire their stunt double back, but not Angelina Jolie. When a movie calls for it, like Maleficent, she does as much of the stunt work as the studio will allow. Maybe if Salt had done a little bit better at the box office, Jolie wouldn’t feel like she has to prove something?

Harrison Ford

dying ford

Going back as far as Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford has performed most of his own stunts. One of his stuntmen even claims he had to stop Ford from doing certain stunts to justify his paycheck. Recently, on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a hydraulic malfunctioned and broke Ford’s ankle, which, according to on-set reports, barely phased him. And who could forget the time Ford crashed his plane into a golf course? Even when he’s not making movies, Harrison Ford still has to have his body flung around. The guy is either a real life super hero or he’s forgotten that real life doesn’t have more than one take.

Jason Statham

dying statham

These days, special effects can make anyone look like they’re doing anything, and it’s really ticking off Jason Statham. The action star is not only known for doing his own stunts, but he’s also spoken out against modern movies that use stunt doubles and green screens. He was especially harsh when it came to superhero movies — apparently Jason Statham looks at a movie like Man of Steel and thinks “I would’ve done all that stuff myself.” And that’s pretty impressive, considering half the action scenes in that movie took place on an alien planet.

Zoe Bell

dying bell

It’s not surprising that Zoe Bell does her own stunts, considering that she started her career as a stunt-woman. Her stunt work on Kill Bill impressed Quentin Tarantino so much that he cast her as one of the lead roles in Death Proof, which starred Kurt Russell as a stunt driver who kills people by using deadly stunt driving. Bell had to perform her own stunt driving for the role, and even had to cling to the hood of a speeding car. The fact that Bell has continued to do her own stunts after what Tarantino did to her in Death Proof proves that she is literally indestructible.

6 Actors Who Do Love Doing Their Own Stunts; Don’t Mind Almost Dying


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While not in films as such, Arrow’s beautiful Caity Lotz does a huge amount of her own stunt work, but then she did start out as a dancer and stuntwoman,

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