16 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Been Amazing

Cancelled games are heartbreaking — they sound so great at E3, but once the cancellation announcements hit the forums, we know in our hearts they’re never going to happen. Technologies, tastes, even consoles change. Eventually, we have to give up hope. And so, in what will function as the internet equivalent of pouring out a 40 on the ground, here are are six cancelled games and why they would have been awesome:

Star Wars 1313

cancelled 1313


Even though he really didn’t get much screen time in the movies, Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. When a dark, gritty game about Boba Fett called Star Wars 1313 was announced, fans got excited. That was, until Disney bought Star Wars and shut down LucasArts. Apparently, Star Wars 1313 was the price we had to pay for a new Star Wars movie. They’d better be good.


Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

cancelled daredevil


Daredevil is the hero Marvel just can’t make happen. In the early 2000s, an open-world Daredevil game went into production. We never got to see how a game starring a blind superhero would have worked, though, since the game was cancelled. The problem was, it was about Daredevil, and Daredevil just doesn’t have any luck at all (as evidenced by Daredevil the movie and the fact that Daredevil is blind).


Aliens: Colonial Marines

cancelled aliens


Don’t confuse this with the abysmal game that was released last year — this iteration of Aliens: Colonial Marines was meant to come out during the PlayStation 2/ Xbox generation. The game was set to feature a roster of 12 Marines, and the player would build a team for each mission. The game was eventually shelved, but interest continued, leading Sega to use the name on an entirely different game. And if they were going to reuse the title, it would have been smart to make the game good — which last year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines was decidedly not. Doesn’t Sega know that the type of people who follow long-dead, unreleased video games are also the same people likely to be highly critical of video games?


StarCraft: Ghost

cancelled ghost


Back in 2002, Blizzard attempted a third person stealth game in their StarCraft series, which would have been called StarCraft: Ghost. The player would have taken control of a ghost to complete missions without being detected (which would be simple if you were, in fact, a ghost). Unfortunately, development was delayed, the game changed studios several times, and was officially cancelled this year.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned

cancelled pirates


Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was going to be an action role playing game set in the same universe as the Pirates movies, but with a plot all its own. Reportedly an open world game, Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned would see players take control of a pirate ship and sail across the ocean building a reputation.

The studio developing the game was restructured by Disney, causing delays, until the studio was eventually closed and the game cancelled. Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned is yet another example of Disney taking something away from people because it was making them happy.


Eight Days

cancelled eight


Announced during the early days of the PS3, Eight Days was going to be a standard go-after-the-mob game, but with an in-game clock that would work in real time. If you were playing the game at night in the real world, it would also be night in the game. A lot of people were excited for Eight Days, so of course it was cancelled. Apparently, Sony at the time wanted to focus at games with strong online content, which Eight Days didn’t have.

Hey Sony, just so you know, people who play games don’t care if they have online content or not. If it’s a good game, that’s all we need.


Shenmue 3

shenmue meme


Shenmue was a wildly awesome open world adventure game. It was most well known for it’s really sweet story. Unfortunately, they planned that story to finish over several games. The story was never finished. The makers of Shenmue had teased a number of times that they might make Shenmue 3. I don’t think it will ever happen. I think they just enjoy torturing us with the hope that it might one day come out.



reich screen shot


If Reich had actually been finished, it might have been up there in popularity with Gears Of War or Bioshock. It’s a pretty standard FPS shooter except that you have telekinesis and can pretty much blow up anything. The gameplay footage that was leaked is all we’ll ever get to see of what we might have been able to have. The game was canceled because of financial difficulties, but I like to think the real reason is that they made the game so good that the main character came out of the game and in to the real world.


Star Fox 2

star fox is down corgi


This was going to come out so late in the life of the SNES that Nintendo was worried that it would conflict with the N64. Don’t get me wrong. I love Star Fox 64, but I want both of them. Do you realize how awful it is that we live in a world with a finished and unreleased Star Fox game? When I wake up in the morning, I can feel that there is a better universe where this game exists. I feel it in my heart and my soul.


Highlander: The Game

highlander the game screen shot


Highlander is a series of movies and TV shows about immortals who fight each other with swords. This game was going to start in Ancient Rome and move forward through time all the way to the modern era. I’m a sucker for anything to do with swords or history so I was pretty excited that this was going to be a game entirely comprised of sword fighting through time. Of course if it’s anything like the rest of the franchise, this game would have spawned about 10 terrible sequels so maybe it was better that it wasn’t released.


Ender’s Game: Battle Room

ender's game grumpy cay


Ender’s Game is one of my favorite sci-fi books. After the first time I finished it, I set the book down and said out loud, “My first child will be named Ender.” The other people on the plane thought I was a real weirdo. This game was going to focus on the zero gravity battle room. It’s kind of like space paintball. The game was based on the Unreal 3 engine so it was probably going to be pretty sweet. Despite having the blessing of the author, the game was canceled.


Bonk: Brink Of Extinction

bonk screen shot


We are way overdue for a new Bonk game. Bonk is one of the most underrated platformer franchises. With the wave of old games being brought back like Mega Man and Sonic, it seemed like a perfect time to release another Bonk game. Most of the games on this list were canceled for financial reasons or because the game wasn’t as good as they hoped. This one was canceled because of the 2011 Japanese earthquake.


EarthBound 64

earthbound 64 and gba side by side


When it was announced that Earthbound 64 was coming out, people went insane. It was originally developed for the N64 with all of it’s cell shaded glory. When it was canceled, the internet let out a collective “Noooooooooo!” They ended up using the plot from this game for a Japanese Game Boy Advance game that came out 6 years later. At least we got something.


Half-Life 2: Episode 3

halflife 2 3 art


Half-Life 2 was supposed to end in a really awesome three part trilogy. Part 1 and 2 came out, but part 3 was never released. Episode 2 ended with a cliffhanger where it seemed like the bad guy aliens were going to take over the entire Earth. I guess we should just assume that they were successful and everyone was killed or turned in to slaves. They most likely canceled the game for a rumored Half-Life game with a more open world. Hopefully, they don’t just reboot the franchise and at least sort of address what was done about that whole alien invasion thing.


Drac’s Night Out

drac's night out cartridge


This was an NES game that sounds insanely morbid. You basically wander around levels as Dracula sucking people’s blood. The end goal of the game was to suck the blood of your girlfriend. I don’t know why it was canceled, but it probably had something to do with playing a murderer. That sort of things flies now, but back in the day Nintendo tended to look down on it. Oh, did I forgot to mention that the game was an advertisement for the Reebok Pump for some reason. I’m mostly just bummed that it didn’t get a bunch of sequels based on other monsters like The Creature From The Black Lagoon wearing New Balances or the Smoke Monster from Lost wearing Uggs.


Mega Man Universe

mega man universe screen shot


This might be the greatest canceled game of all time. In this version of Mega Man, players would be able to create their own Megaman 2 levels and share them on-line with friends and other players. They also planned to allow you to bring in other characters from Capcom games like Street Fighter and Ghosts n’ Goblins to play on the user created levels. They ended up releasing Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 which were both fun, but I really wanted to play on a Megaman level that was shaped like an unmentionable body part.



Which of these games do you wish you could play?



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