6 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

6 Common Dreams – And What The Hell They Mean

The fact that we can look at our dreams as a road map to our anxieties, hopes, and fears is like getting secret messages from our subconscious. The craziest thing about dreams is that we still don’t entirely know why we do it. Talk about mysterious! Here are some of the most common dreams and what they might mean as explained by dreammoods.com. (If you think about it, the fact that we all are sharing these dreams means that we all experience a lot of the same emotions. WE ARE THE WORLD. Wanna hold hands now?)

Being Chased


Dreaming that you are being chased in an indication you are avoiding issues in your life instead of addressing them head-on. Basically, your brain is trying to send you the message that you need to man up and address the problem. After all, they’re going to catch up with you eventually.

Or, you could just be scared of being attacked. Sometimes, our subconscious works very literally.

To dream that you are trying to run but cannot make your feet move means that you may have a lack of self-confidence. It may be time to look yourself in the mirror and spout out some affirmations while power posing. This dream may also just be a result of the actual paralysis during REM sleep. Whatever the reason, that is an awful dream to have.



This dream means that you are likely feeling a lack of control in your waking life. Maybe school and other responsibilities have taken over, and you feel like you’ve lost your footing. It could also mean that you are sensing the end of a relationship or feeling like you are not living up to people’s expectations of you. GOOD THING NONE OF US HAVE EVER FELT THIS WAY. Ha … ha.

Being Naked


Whenever I have this dream, all I can think about is, “How did this happen??!!” Seriously, it is mortifying. Dreaming that you are walking around in your birthday suit means that you are afraid of being vulnerable and showing people your true colors. It could also mean that you are hiding something that you are afraid others will find out. If this is you, come on, be yourself and everyone will love you! (At least that’s what they say, I’m sure that’s not always the case.)

Teeth Falling Out


Often, people dream of teeth falling out when they fear they are unattractive or growing older. There is ALSO a theory that dreaming of teeth means that money is going to be coming soon. So, is the money so you can buy some new clothes and makeup and look appealing for once?



Have you ever had the significant other who gets mad on you because you cheated on them in a dream? Apparently it’s pretty common. To dream of cheating means the person is feeling neglected and insecure in their current relationship. If your bae has this dream, you may want to address why he/ she is experiencing a lack of security. But, yeah, it sucks to be in trouble for something you didn’t even do.



If you are flying easily and really just enjoying yourself, your subconscious may be expressing a feeling of being in control of your life. Perhaps you have risen above a difficult situation? GOOD FOR YOU. YOU DESERVE THIS AMAZING DREAM. If you can control your flight, you are feeling a sense of personal power. Now wake up and go take on the world!


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