6 Common Injuries That Can Occur During Sex

6 Common Injuries That Can Occur During Sex

Sex is fun, making love is romantic, and of course, a good fucking is hot. While these are all common verbs to describe sex, what are words we often do not associate with intercourse? How about injuries, hospitalization, and maybe even a broken dick (yes, I know that is two words but how often does one get to say broken dick!)

While many of us have experienced painful or uncomfortable sex, it would blow your mind to know how many people seek medical attention for their bedroom dilemmas. Why are so many people getting banged up while they get banged out you ask? Well for starters, an overabundance of excitement and of course the kinky/dangerous fetish gone wrong but more boringly because some people are just idiots, out of shape, and clumsy. Let’s take a look at a few that take the cake, shall we!

Cat Attacks

Image via BecauseImaCat

I never was a cat person and now after reading of few of these sexual cat attacks, I see no chance of me liking the pussies in the near to ever future. It seems like feline ambushes are not uncommon in the bedroom but more surprisingly is that they know just where to attack, the genitals. I read case after case of men’s balls being clawed at by angry kitties in attempt to protect their owners.

Pulled Muscles

Image via Youtube

Nothing like a strained neck from giving head while in a plank-inspired 69 position, what that never happened to you? Thanks to body-numbing endorphins pumping through our veins during sex, we often think our ligaments are much more flexible than they really are. Wrapping your legs around your head may seem like a good idea tonight, but don’t be surprised if you need to sit on a blowup donut tomorrow.

Vaginal Tears and Bruises

Image via Bustle

Lubrication is all you need to prevent this mishap but I think all women are guilty of taking it deep while being under-moistened. The thing about vaginal tears is if left untreated they can lead to nasty infections. Let us also remember to never allow any foreign sharp objects to enter our hoo-haa as well as to not get banged by too many dicks at once. True story, one woman was fucked so hard and by so many that she actually bruised and damaged her ovaries. YIKES!

Rug Burns

Image via Reprn

If you see an adult with 2 gnarly knee burns assume she was either partaking in an intense game of tag on the playground or giving a very intense blowjob across a wool carpet. Either way, “Get off your knees, ho!”

Broken Penis

Image via Cosmopolitan

Technically, a man cannot break his penis since there are no bones, but he can certainly bust, tear, or pop the blood vessels inside. How does one fracture their weiner you ask? When a boner is forcefully bent, that’s how. Looking for some examples? An older British man was peacefully beating his meat when his mother decided to barge in without knocking. As he rolled off the bed and onto the floor, he reported hearing a loud snapping noise, the snapping of his dick in half. Another man was enjoying the ride of his life given by his girlfriend when she flipped backwards, off his dick and the bed, bending and fracturing his penis on the way out!

Lost Condoms

Image via Leganerd

In a vagina or in an ass, condoms are widely reported of getting lost. However, there is one misplaced condom story I still can’t get over. After 6 months of dealing with a persistent cough, a woman finally sought medical attention to uncover the mystery bug. What did the doctors find? A condom lodged in her esophagus. That’s right folks, this woman accidentally inhaled a condom while giving fellatio and had no idea for almost half a year. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this bitch was smoking crack in order not to notice that shit go down.

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