The 6 Creepiest Spokespeople In Advertising History

Since they have to be the face of a product, spokespeople are typically warm, friendly, famous, and confident. But sometimes companies will try to make their pitchmen funny, and that humor doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. Other times, spokespeople’s private lives become public, tarnishing their reputation. Either way, these spokespeople are, in fact, the creepiest.

The Shamwow Guy


The Shamwow, a towel that claimed to be super absorbent was pitched by Vince Offer, and he was way too energetic about it. How many pools of liquid were in this guy’s house that he was so excited about a super towel? Also, Offer’s eyes look super evil, especially when he smiles, like he was a mad scientist who just figured out a new way to blow up the planet.


The Trivago Guy


Trivago is a service that helps people book hotel rooms for cheap. Their spokesperson, Tim Williams, decided that the best way to sell this service was to stand way too close to the camera and try to look like he just came back from a night of heavy drinking. Watching one of these commercials feels like being hit on by a drunken creep. It’s a good thing TVs can’t transmit smell yet, because Trivago commercials would definitely be outputting stale beer and cigarettes.




Ever walk into a store and get stuck talking to a salesperson who just won’t leave you alone? That’s Flo — she tries way too hard, and it’s uncomfortable to watch. She’s so relentless, like a villain from a slasher movie, except instead of murdering people, she annoys them with facts about insurance and cheesy jokes.


Papa John


For a while, all of Papa John’s commercials involved Papa John himself, John Schnatter, babbling about his pizza to folks who were just doing stuff out in the world. There was one where he interrupted a game of touch football to push his slightly above grocery store frozen aisle-quality pizza. Stop it, that’s an inappropriate time to talk about pizza. Let people enjoy their lives.


E-Harmony Guy


Neil Clark Warren is the co-founder and spokesman for eHarmony, and he’s got a real issue with people that don’t use his site. In all of his commercials, he meets someone with dating dating issues, and he asks if they’re on eHarmony. When they say no, he gently mocks them, as if trying to meet people by going out in public is the stupidest thing he’s ever heard of. He’s always like “avoid the weirdos, use eHarmony”. Hey, there are weirdos on the internet. In fact, it’s where the weirdos come from.


Tiger Woods


A lot of celebrities do commercials for Nike, but Tiger Woods became one of the most famous faces attached to the brand. When Woods was caught cheating on his wife with a ton of different women, Nike created an infamous ad where Woods stared at the camera while the voice of his deceased dad spoke words of advice to him. It was supposed to be moving, but it was just unsettling. The worst part about it was that it was supposed to be an ad for shoes. It was probably the biggest misfire ever, and it’s impossible to see any Tiger Woods the same way ever again.


The 6 Creepiest Spokespeople In Advertising History

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Tiger woods had the opportunity to be a cultural changer, but will be remembered as just another horny black dude with indiscriminate taste in women whose game fell apart.

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