6 Dessert Fads That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

6 Dessert Fads That’ll Make Your Mouth Water


Dessert fads are like cavities — they pop up out of nowhere, you waste money on them, then you forget about them until the next one. Here are the six dessert fads that have wreaked havoc on our precious little chompers since 2005.

1. Fro-Yo

Remember in 2005 when Pinkberry opened our eyes to the refreshing delight that is overpriced frozen yogurt? Shortly after that, the fro-yo scene exploded and we were making our own crazy creations, paying for Oreos by the pound, and adding kiwi on top to make it “healthy”.


2. Cupcakes

After the fro-yo age, cupcakes hit the scene. They were the “it” dessert in the early 2010s, spawning TV shows like Cupcake Wars, Cupcake Devastation, and Gooey Ganache Genocide.


3. Macarons

Some time around 2012, people realized they were too good for cupcakes, so they adopted macarons as the new dessert du jour. PS, this bougie treat is spelled “MACARON”. This crunchy coconut thing is a MACAROON:


4. Donuts

Out of nowhere, everyone was like, “F*ck this little six-pack of stale nonsense. Let’s make donuts fancy.” Donuts these days look like someone blindly grabbed three ingredients out of their pantry and tossed them on a donut. Maple syrup, oreos, and kale — SURE. (Okay we made that one up but does it really sound that far-fetched?)


5. Churros REMIXED

Fancified donuts paved the way for garbage desserts everywhere to get a makeover and stupid-expensive price. Nowadays, that Baskin Robbins that your grandma worked at is hipster store called Churro Borough or Churro Furrow (where the churros are in the shape of furrowed brows) or Churro Furlough (where you get a free churro if you just got fired) or Churro Ergo (where the churros double as a wrist rest for your mousepad!).


6. Milkshakes 2.0

And now the crazy milkshake fad, like this one from Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer, where people wait two hours for a 1600 calorie, fifteen dollar milkshake. I am proud to be an American.


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