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6 Formerly Controversial Things That Are Absolutely Not Anymore

6 Formerly Controversial Things That Are Absolutely Not Anymore


As times change, things that used to be taboo all of a sudden aren’t anymore. Society’s getting better all the time, folks! But it’s good sometimes to look back and see the kind of things we used to consider immoral or embarrassing to see how far we’ve come. And so, here are some formerly controversial things that today we’re all totally A-OK with!


Rock and/or Roll


The music of the devil, performed by devil worshipers, was what rock and roll was considered. When Elvis burst on the scene, he wasn’t filmed from the waist down because his dancing was so “suggestive”. Eventually though, stuff like west coast rap emerged in the mainstream, and people realized that not only was that music infinitely more aggressive, but it was also about actual, real things. Suddenly, a dude with a perm wearing leather pants and a zebra print vest (AND NOTHING ELSE, DAMMIT!) suddenly didn’t seem so scary.


Seeing a Therapist


Once derisively mocked as “funny doctors” (a term of mockery term that actually sounds like it’d actually be great and enjoyable), I know very few people who haven’t at least dabbled in therapy. Which is good, because I know a lot of people who could use a not insignificant amount of help with their mental health. But thirty, forty years ago, you only went to see a therapist if you were f’n nuts! It was a sign of weakness, especially for men. You see, real men swallow their problems and emotions, and then die of the cancer brought about by that mental state by the time they’re fifty.


Real Bathing Suits


I think in the ’20s you had to wear bathing suits that covered, like, down to your knee, or you could be forcibly removed from the beach. Wearing just a regular-ass one piece would be a scandal! Flash forward to now, and we live in an era where my ex-girlfriend had a bathing suit that covered only the legally mandated amount of her butt and vagina and nothing more.


A Man and Woman in the Same Bed on Television


There was this weird thing in television from the ’50s and early ’60s where you had to, like, pretend that people in relationships weren’t having sex. A show would have a scene in a married couple’s bedroom, and there’d be two twin damn beds in the room. Get out of here! Are they a couple that has completely fallen of love with each other? It created this weird idea in so many people from that generation that any kind of demonstrated intimacy is not decent, and has no place in public. Of course, now you can show all of a boob EXCEPT for the nipple on a network show after 9pm, and nobody will have anything to say about it.




During the ’80s and early ’90s, there was a hardcore Satanist panic in America. It ended up being, naturally, very stupid, and some innocent people even ended up in jail because they were convicted of crimes they didn’t commit simply because they had an interest in the occult. There’s quite a different attitude today, since 50 percent of the teens on Tumblr identify as some kind of witch. Hell, I once called my friend a “harpyish forrest witch” and she acted as it was the nicest thing I’d ever said to her (it was).


Dungeons & Dragons


Similar to the great witchcraft/Satan worship of the ’80s/’90s, the ’70s and ’80s saw the rise in popularity of Dungeons & Dragons, which went hand in hand with the rise in popularity of being scared of D&D. It’s the kind of evil role playing game that can result in you being possessed by the devil or snapping and commit great acts of violence! There’s even a Tom Hanks movie about how these kinds of role playing games are for damaged individuals. Today? RPGs are just for nerds. Very big nerds. And the worst thing people will think about you for playing them is that you deserve a good ass kicking. Progress!

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