6 Hidden Facts & Tips To Help You Win Fortnite


Fortnite is getting more and more popular with its new Battle Royale mode, where 100 people hunt for each other, or instead, build fortifications and hide to be the last man standing.

The game started, as one of the developers said, like “mix of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead,” and became a huge Battle Royale arena.

Here a six hidden facts, tips & hints to make you Fortnite like a pro!

  • You will land much faster if you fall into the sea.

    The fact is, the glider (that parachute of a strange kind) opens at a certain height, but only above the land. You can fly out of the island, descend to the most comfortable height, and release the glider – gently diving to the land under the envious glances of the other players. That will help you to collect resources and weapons much faster!

  • Trees and roofs are your best friends

    Seriously, let the newcomers go down to the ground and enter through the door – experienced Fortnite Battle Royale fighters fall either to the nearest tree or house, then jump off to the ground or onto the roof and punch their way inside with a pickax. The latter option is the most convenient: often in the attic, there are gold chests with a cool loot, so with proper luck and skill, you can immediately and perfectly prepare for a meeting with the enemy.

  • Strange blue circles are actually a useful feature, not a bug

    You may have noticed that when you start crashing something, there are weird blue circles that appear. You probably thought that it is a kind of bug, but actually, the game shows where you should hit to destroy it quicker. This is extremely useful either at the start of the game or at the end when you make your way to another player.

  • Better not fly far beyond the main island

    It sounds evident, but in every single game, there is someone is trying to fly to the islands beyond the main one. However, it turns out that these islands are really just for decoration. If you try to reach them, you will just fall down into the sea and die immediately. Don’t test it, it’s not worth it!

  • You can share your loot with your teammates or drop it

    Again, for some, it will be obvious advice. But personally, I did not know about it, and the game was not even going to be hint at this. Pressing “I” or other special buttons that you can find in right corner of the screen when playing on console, you can open your inventory, look at the stats of the collected weapons, and throw out some of the things if you do not need them or you want to support your partner. A trifle, but nice. And it’s an important thing for winning in a team, otherwise, some of your weapons could make a nice bite for other unsuspecting players.

  • Loot is not only in big cities

    When you’re playing Fortnite, notice that it is not a common Battle Royale with most of loot inside the big cities like Tilted Towers. Instead, woods and plains contain as much loot as cities and houses, and sometimes even more. The same thing goes for about gold chests – don’t think you can’t find a gold chest in the woods, because there’s plenty of it! So don’t fool yourself, and don’t go to the big cities with a large amount of players, PvP on pickaxes is not the best idea to win.

These facts and tips won’t fully win you the game, as with any video game, Fortnite is all about your personal skill and abilities, but the facts above may just help you out in winning Fortnite!

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