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6 Marvel Villains You Could Argue Are Heroes

6 Marvel Villains You Could Argue Are Heroes

Hey folks, get ready for that rarest of thing: online Marvel content. These movies, folks; people love ‘em! They analyze everything, from comparisons to the comics, to, uh, me complaining about how long the movies are — we can’t stop! With Black Panther’s release, people have now really started getting into these movies’ politics, with many voices online essentially saying “Killmonger was right!” SIDEBAR: Wow, “Killmonger” is a really bad super villain name! Anyway, if you’re looking for some deeper cuts in terms of Marvel villains whose politics you might also get behind, may I recommend the following…



Magneto is kind of the quintessential villain with an ideology some people can easily get behind. He advocates for a mutant revolution through violent uprising, as opposed to Xavier’s quasi-pacifism. Did he want to make an ethno state? Yes. But nobody’s perfect.


The Vulture

The Vulture wasn’t just about the working class man trying to get a piece of the action, he was also the victim of a corrupt bureaucracy that gave a high-paying, life changing job to a man who was already a billionaire. The Vulture is about seizing the means of production, and if you have to throw a teenager into a river to do it, well, so be it.


Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver

America has long inflicted its will upon other countries around the globe via its military. In the MCU, the Avengers are the force that protects American interests abroad. In a way, they are like nuclear weapons. So Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are essentially the protection of mutually assured destruction — you inflict your super heroes on us, we inflict our super villains on you. They also seem to be in favor of ending prohibition on Tesseracts, a thing that serves only to put people in jail.



Are you worried about humanity overwhelming the Earth’s resources which would lead to the destruction of life as we know it on the planet? Well, Thanos (I’m going with his comic motivation here, since the movie isn’t out yet) wants to get rid of half of all life on Earth. Think of how much more slowly we’d consume the planet’s resources then! Sure, that’s not his motivation for doing it (he wants to make it with the physical embodiment of death), but politics is about forming coalitions.


Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus was only stealing money so that he could find his science projects. Which means that Doc Oc supports grants for science and research. Sounds good to me!


Deacon Frost

Politically, I would say that I’m strongly in favor of blood rave orgies. STRONGLY in favor.

Can’t believe I was arrested for throwing a chair through the movie screen in protest during Thor: Ragnorok.

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