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6 Movie Franchises That Really Only Have One Good Installment

6 Movie Franchises That Really Only Have One Good Installment

Making a good movie is hard; you can tell because so many movies are trash. So if you’ve made a good movie, congratulations! But just because you’ve did it once doesn’t mean you’ll do it again in a sequel. Keep a little mystery — don’t just keep making more movies in the series, weighing us down with additional unnecessary mythology. Learn from these movie franchises that had only one good installment!



From the bottom of my heart, I truly believe people have such strong feelings about the Predator only because the character design is awesome. Predator is a pretty good movie (though it is weirdly disjointed between its three acts) but Predator 2 is not great, and the Alien vs. Predator movies are aggressively not great. Predators? It’s… fine. Honestly, when most people talk fondly about the Predator character, they’re often referring to video games, or comic books, or other media outside of the actual movies.


Rush Hour/ Men in Black

Both Rush Hour and Men in Black have initial installments that are pretty fun and not at all challenging. Each of the subsequent two movies in their respective franchises get much, much worse. In fact, Men in Black 3 is so bad I had to go back and actually confirm that it existed. Unfortunately, it does.



If you enjoy slasher movies, say thank you to Halloween. And even if you don’t like slasher movies, you should check out Halloween — it’s grimy and low budget but not so much that it makes you feel like a sleaze for watching it. All the way back to the ’70s, the best filmmakers knew that giving us more information about the killers in our nightmares often made them less scary, so Michael Meyers exists as simply a terrifying, unstoppable force in his initial film appearance. Every other Halloween movie pales in comparison to the original to such a ridiculous degree that it’s insulting that they belong to the same franchise. I. Am. In. Sulted.


Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is as fine a piece of blockbuster entertainment as a filmmaker can pull off. The following sequels are pale retreads, with increasingly ridiculous set pieces, until we finally get to Jurassic World, one of the worst movies ever made. Go back and watch it again; I am not wrong. The CGI sucks, the Indominous Rex is more serial killer than dinosaur, it’s got that low grade sexism that so many movies are infused with, and also it’s stupid. Every one acts so unbelievably stupid. God, I hate it so much.


The Matrix

The Matrix rules, but its sequels are such messes of half-baked philosophy and kind of bad special effects that they honestly hurt the first movie just with their existence. NOTE: I’m including The Animatrix here, as it’s not a proper feature film, but that’s probably the second best piece of media in the series.



A lot of people think every Transformers movie sucks, but the original has enough of that Spielberg light-hearted magic that you can appreciate everything more because there’s some levity. The sequels, on the other hand, are all piles of dour, self-serious trash, and it’s a blight on our culture that they’ve made so much money.

Why not just call it quits while you’re ahead???($$$$$$$$)???

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