6 Movies Where The ‘Bad Guy’ Has A Point

Most Hollywood movies feature a struggle between “good” and “evil”, as embodied by an attractive protagonist and a slightly less attractive yet still very attractive antagonist. But what happens when the roles are reversed? What about the movies where the “bad” guy actually has a pretty good point? They look something like this:

Johnny – The Karate Kid

Let’s start with the “villain” who inspired this article — Johnny from The Karate Kid. The video above goes into more detail than I have space for, but basically, Daniel starts every fight in the original Karate Kid, needlessly escalates the situation multiple times, and, in a detail left out of the video, wins the All Valley Karate Tournament with a completely illegal kick to the face. Johnny might be a bit of a snot, but he’s not a psycho like Daniel — and he has every right to defend himself from Daniel and Miyagi’s repeated assaults.

The Undead Pirates – Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

villain points pirates

They just want to be freed of their curse! They’re willing to return all the treasure they stole! And they don’t even kill anyone until they’re provoked. But Will and Jack keep sticking their noses into the pirates’ plans over a misunderstanding with Elizabeth that they never bother to clear up. Bad form, dudes.

The Empire – Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)

villain points empire

Off the top of your head, what is actually evil about the Empire, and not just a reaction to Rebel provocation? Palpatine is a Machiavellian dick? Okay, but what leader isn’t? Vader and co. are overzealous in crushing the Rebels? Sure, but so was Abraham freaking Lincoln (“the Union must be preserved”). They blew up Alderaan? Pretty evil, but that was Tarkin acting under his own orders, not the Emperor’s. The Empire might be fascists, but at least they preserved order. In the Expanded Universe, when the Rebels beat the Empire, they left a huge power vacuum that led to decades of war. What would have happened if there never was a rebel uprising? Probably a still-existent Alderaan for one.

Hook – Peter Pan

villain points hook

Let me get this straight — some kid cuts off a dude’s hand for no reason, so the dude gets ticked off and tries to exact revenge. Instead of apologizing, the kid humiliates the dude in single combat and sends a crocodile to straight up eat him. Oh yeah, and did I mention that in the books Peter Pan murders the Lost Boys when they reach puberty? Because it’s true. Tell me again who we’re supposed to be rooting for in this story?

Benny the Landlord – Rent

villain points benny

You either die a SpongeBob or live long enough to see yourself become a Squidward. Of course, the landlord from Rent is a much nicer Squidward — all he wants is for a bunch of bums to pay their rent. Is that too much to ask? He lets them live there rent-free for waaaaay too long, until they all get used to the idea of living in New York f*cking City without paying rent. Anyone over sixteen should be able to see Benny’s side in this.

Everyone Other Than Jack Black – School of Rock

villain points school

As fun as School of Rock is, as soon as you think about it for more than a second it becomes apparent that Jack Black’s character Dewey Finn is completely irresponsible and insane. Everyone who opposes him is totally in the right. First there’s his roommate Ned who, like Benny from Rent, just wants him to pay his share of the rent. Then there’s Jack’s old band, No Vacancy, who kick him out for being a horrible frontman and playing noodling solos before stage diving into empty audiences. And finally, there’s Patty and the students’ parents, who want to stop an unlicensed and clearly imbalanced man from replacing the entire curriculum for a class of kids with rock music. All of them have a better point than Jack Black, whose argument is basically, “oh yeah well SHUT UP”. But that wouldn’t make for a very fun movie, so ol’ Jackie boy gets his way.

What other villains were actually right? Let us know in the comments below!


6 Movies Where The ‘Bad Guy’ Has A Point

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