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6 Pieces Of “Smart” Technology That Failed

6 Pieces Of “Smart” Technology That Failed


In a world of iThis and iThat, SmartWatches and SmartBlotches, it’s easy to forget all the tech failures along the way. Here are some of the best smart tech flops that’ll make you rethink your Bluetooth/ wireless/ wifi headphones that double as a robot companion.


1. iSmell (2000)


This was a device you could attach to your computer through USB that would emit certain smells when you went to a particular website or opened an email.


2. Xybernaut Poma Wearable PC (2002)


To look like this, you only had to pay $1500!


3. Motorized Ice Cream Cone (1998)


Aren’t we all sick and tired of MANUALLY turning our ice cream cones to lick all the sides?! YES WE ARE!


4. Virtual Boy (1995)


While virtual reality seems to finally be upon us, Nintendo failed to get their ’90s VR contraption off the ground thanks to customers’ complaints of headache and nausea.


5. Microsoft SPOT (2004)


Just like Marissa Cooper on The O.C., the Smart Personal Object Technology was doomed. Despite cool features like email notifications and FM radio, SPOT never caught on.


6. Apple Newton


Remember when you thought, “How did people survive in the ’90s without iPhones?” Well the ones who could shell out upwards of $1K on a nifty (not so) little MessagePad, could kind of do stuff with their personal assistant device. Handwriting recognition was notoriously awful, and the Newton failed to catch on.

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If you didn’t get headaches or feel sick from it the virtualboy was pretty badass. Even if you didn’t suffer the common issues it did cause mad eyestrain from being black and red colors. The high contrast meant you had to take short breaks while playing to avoid stressing your eyeballs the hell out.

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