6 Recent Spine Chilling Ghost Sightings


Thanks to closed-circuit TVs, smartphone cameras, or increased drinking on the job, there seems to have been an increase in ghost sightings this year. Some may seem like people saw what they wanted to see, while others may be outright lies, but here are the ghosts sightings that have happened RECENTLY ENOUGH THAT YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID OF THEM.

Espanola, New Mexico (September 2014)



Witnessed by the officer on duty at a New Mexico police station, this ghostly image seems to walk directly in front of the CCTV camera. The officer said both sides of the area were locked and an alarm would have gone off had anyone entered or — as in the above video – walked through the walls. The officer also said that while the police station was not built on an ancient Indian burial ground, there have been some murders in the area. That might explain the ghost, but it does not explain why the cop was sitting around watching closed-circuit TV instead of looking for a neighborhood killer.


Alcatraz Prison (June 2014)


This image, caught on an iPhone at Alcatraz prison by an English tourist, appears to be that of a female ghost (or Helena Bonham Carter in yet another period costume). The tourist said she took the photo of the door’s window and only noticed the ghastly woman when it appeared on her phone screen. When she looked up at the door the woman was no longer there. That means either her phone camera caught what the eye could not see (something Apple should tout in their ads) or she had her Instagram app set on ‘Victorian-Era Wraith’ filter.


Dudley Castle, England (October 2014)


Since England has as many still-standing castles as America has empty Blockbusters, it has its fair share of ghost sightings, and one of the most famous is the Grey Lady of Dudley Castle. Dorothy Beaumont, as the Grey Lady was known while living, died, along with her daughter, during childbirth. Her specific burial request was supposedly denied, leading Beaumont to haunt the castle the past few centuries. The Grey Lady has supposedly made strange noises, caused extreme drops in temperature, and produces a bluish grey image — one a visiting couple claimed to have captured on their phone just last week. Some say the image is the result of rather clever Photoshopping. Others say it is indeed the Grey Lady. And others still might wonder, if it is fake, does that mean this couple brings that mannequin along on all their vacations?


Cannock Chase, England (September, 2014)


And so, we come to social media’s favorite outright horror meme that isn’t Slender Man or Instagram shots of a Denny’s meal – mysterious black-eyed children. Black-eyed children are said to be between six and 16 years old, have no white in their eyes, and ask for help, a ride, or for you to buy candy from them to raise money for their school’s soccer team. Reportedly, a black-eyed child showed up in broad daylight in the woods of Cannock Chase last month as a small girl, screaming and covering her face. When the witness asked if she needed help, the girl dropped her hands, showed her all black eyes, and disappeared. Adding to the intrigue, the witness’ aunt supposedly encountered the very same black-eyed child 30 years earlier in that very same spot. And word is Cannock Chase may be so hard up for tourist dollars it came up with a recurring legend that’s only slightly more plausible than “Invisible Bigfoot”.


Rockford, Illinois (May 2014)


A woman called the Rockford police, saying a parking garage elevator was not only repeatedly going up and down on its own, but that a ghostly woman dressed in white was inside. The garage was across the street from a theater famous for being haunted by a woman dressed all in white. Had the ghost left the theater to get her car and maybe go haunt a someplace in Chicago instead? Why didn’t the cops see her in the elevator when they arrived? And did the person who called the police ever consider using the stairs instead? Alas, some disturbing questions may never be answered.


Bolton, England (February 2014)



In one of the oldest ‘public houses’ in Britain, the famous Ye Olde Man & Scythe (founded in 1251), a security camera caught a shadowy image that kept flickering at the bar Not only do the lights continue to strobe like a night club, but the pub owners arrived the next morning to find both a glass smashed and that the camera stopped working immediately after the footage was recorded. That could mean the closed-circuit camera was not working properly, or it could mean that when a specter wants to get its drink on in the middle of the night someone better damn well be manning the drafts.



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