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The 6 Most Satisfying Video Game Bosses to Kill


There’s nothing like a good boss fight (well, except for the monumentally disappointing ones). Nothing feels better in video games than steadily improving your skills until you can finally take down a tough-but-fair boss. Here are some of the most satisfying villains to beat in video game history:

Grunty – Banjo-Kazooie

Grunty pesters you and makes fun of you throughout the entirety of Banjo-Kazooie, making you pray for a chance to get her to finally shut up. And when that fight comes, it’s perfect, testing all the skills you’ve acquired so far. You finally knock her off the tower, and all is right with the world. Good night, Grunty. May you burn in hell.

Kefka – Final Fantasy VI

Oh, Kefka, you insufferable bastard. He’s not the hardest boss in Final Fantasy history, but he’s my fave. He brainwashed Celes and Terra and poisoned the men, women, and children of Doma. He turned on Narshe and Figaro. And he caused the end of the freaking world… all while laughing like a maniac and dressing like a clown. Combine that with one of the best boss themes ever — the stunning 18-minute long “Dancing Mad” — and you’ve got an epic battle of revenge that in my opinion hasn’t been topped in any Final Fantasy before or since. TAKE THAT, SEPHIROTH!

Jubileus – Bayonetta

There aren’t a lot of games that let you flat out kill God, but Bayonetta is one of them. The Bayonetta Wiki includes this sentence in its description of the Jubileus fight: “Sheba uses her power to punch Jubileus’ soul from its body through the solar system and straight into the sun, where the soul falls in and appears to explode.” If that doesn’t make you want to watch the clip above and then immediately play Bayonetta right afterward, nothing will. An absolutely insane ending to an equally insane game, Jubileus is up there as one of the raddest bosses you’ll ever come up against.

GLaDOS – Portal

Like Grunty in Banjo-Kazooie, GLaDOS is your sole tormentor throughout the entirety of Portal. Unlike Grunty, she’s also your only friend (other than an inanimate cube), and her constant chatter will make you both love and hate her. But perhaps the most bittersweet thing about GLaDOS’ death is that it means the game’s over, when all you want is a few more hours. Any game that can bring that much emotion out of you must be doing something right.

The 16th Colossus – Shadow of the Colossus

To really understand why the final colossus is such a satisfying boss, you have to really understand the emotional journey you took to get so far. And very few games put you through more than Shadow of the Colossus. You battle beasts both friendly and malevolent, wandering through a deserted landscape, all to bring back your dead love. Your clothes get more tattered and worn. The bosses get harder and harder. You begin to wonder if you’ll ever save her. And then, right before this battle happens, you get your guts ripped out. I won’t spoil how that happens, but it’s a real heart-breaker. And finally, after some forty five minutes of wandering and battling and getting knocked down again and again, you beat the last boss… only to have your guts ripped out again. If you haven’t played Shadow of the Colossus, you’re really missing out.


Tom Nook – Animal Crossing


*Yes I know you don’t actually “kill” Tom Nook. You just pay off his loan to you. But damn if it don’t feel gooooood.

The 6 Most Satisfying Video Game Bosses to Kill


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