6 Scary Crazy Sexual Kinks

6 Scary Crazy Sexual Kinks

From bugs to cars and blood, crazy sexual kinks will have you running for the door, not the bed.

Sexual kinks have been a part of human sexuality for many decades. In fact, the word fetish (“fetiche” in French) originated all the way back in 1887, used in an erotic context by Alfred Binet.

A lot has changed since those Victorian days, and so has sex. With the accessibility of porn, sex toys, and public sex shops becoming mainstream, kinks are only becoming more common. In fact, the largest and fastest growing kink of recent times is the “daddy kink,” stemming from Tumblr and crossing platforms to other social media.

Of course, some kinks decide to take it to a whole new level. Whilst kinks such as the daddy kink, or simple spanking, stay on a relatively low danger threshold, there are some extreme cases of dangerous, deadly, and downright scary kinks.

Generalized Sadomasochism

Photo by Kurt Johnson

A super complex title for a relatively simple kink, generalized sadomasochism is an act of “giving and/or receiving pleasure—very often sexually—from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain and/or humiliating,” as defined by the kink’s Wikipedia page.

Sadomasochism is actually one of the world’s most widely known kinks, involving a sadist (pain giver) and a masochist (pain receiver). Examples of this include spanking, whipping, and biting, but there’s pages worth of other methods. Whilst these are still relatively simple, there is a darker side; Violent acts of torture and cutting have been used under the sadomasochist kink, even depicted in accessible pornography. Whilst this is often conducted in a safe, sterile environment, when done in the home sexologists argue that infections and accidents are likely.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Another complicated title, but one you’ve probably heard of—autoerotic asphyxiation is the act of cutting off your oxygen whilst sexually climaxing. This is often carried out through barrier suffocation, such as with a plastic bag, strangulation (“choking”), or chest compressions.

Scientifically, if done correctly, the sudden loss of oxygen during a climax can increase the feeling of intense pleasure and hyperactivity. This is coupled with the psychological knowledge that you could die if done wrong. The sub-kink of choking is often coupled with other kinks, such as the daddy kink, and is rising in popularity. Over the past two years alone, public appreciation and glorification of the simple choking kink (hand around the throat) has risen tenfold on social media alone.

Some who use autoerotic asphyxiation have different “end goals,” ranging from the above mentioned climax to extremes such as passing out or “suffocation panic” where the body thrashes around in desperation for oxygen. It goes without saying that this tiptoes towards the death line.

If done with safe words/actions, knowledge of the respiratory system, and general common sense, it can be a rush. If not, you can be in for a scary experience and a long stint in jail.


Wikipedia defines formicophilia as “the sexual interest in being crawled upon or nibbled by small insects, such as ants.” Yep, you did read that right. There is an entire kink, and scientific recognition, in the sexual pleasure derived through having insects crawl on your naked body and biting you. The term formicophilia was coined by John Money in 1986 from the merging of two Latin words; “formica,” meaning ant, and “philia,” meaning love.

It really goes without saying that this can open you up to a whole host of infections and underlying allergic reactions that could have a serious effect on your health. In addition, when used around the genitals, sexual infections can occur. To top the list, reports of deep rashes and itching is common within those who follow formicophilia, causing a prolonged nuisance in day-to-day life.

Formicophilia is actually one of the rarer off-springs of generalized zoophilia, and I think we’ll all be pleased to know that formicophilia is incredibly rare in society, with only two major case studies existing.


This fetish title gives you a major hint as to what it means; The sexual attraction to a mechanical object. In a non-sexual manner, it was used as long ago as 1922 to define those who were fascinated with modernist machines, such as steam engines. However, the meaning took a swift turn in 2008 when a man claimed, and proved on video, to having sex with over 1,000 cars by fucking the exhaust pipe.

Since that case, a few more viral examples emerged, such as in 2013 when a British man was discovered having sex with his Land Rover in a highly-public place, and a French film called La Grande Bouffe depicting a scene of a man and a car fucking, “to fatal effect.”

Objects included under the “mechanic” description can include cars, bikes, vacuum cleaners, and even radiators. This fetish isn’t just a little odd, but it opens up to a lot of health risks, including bruising and cuts which can cause infections as the objects are usually dirty/greasy with old oil.


Photo by David Brandon Geeting

Hybristophilia is the sexual arousal and attraction to people who commit the most “cruel and gruesome” of crimes in society, including torture, rape, and murder. Not to be confused with simple curiosity and inquisition about those committing the crimes, hybristophilia is split into two sections; passive and aggressive. Passive hybristophiles are attracted to the dangerous criminals and often put themselves in a position to be “manipulated, lied to and seduced” by those they fall for. Aggressive hybristophiles, on the other hand, are those who gain sexual pleasure in the assistance of the above mentioned crimes by helping their lovers with their sinister agendas. In almost every recorded case of a hybristophilic couple, it ends up in a deeply unhealthy, abusive, and dangerous relationship.

Whilst hybristophilia doesn’t pose a direct risk or danger to a person, the risks of being sexually attracted to and engaging with the most deadly of criminals has clear warning signs.


This kink is the sexual gratification gained through blood and bleeding—so essentially sexualized vampirism. The cultural rise is vampire glorification, such as Twilight movies and other such books and series, has caused this kink to rise in demand to a fairly common level.

The most used method of extracting blood can include scratching, using sharp-ish objects (like broken plastic) or drawing opportunity of natural accidents, like falling over. However, this kink enters the dangerous realm (see what I did there?) when using sharper objects, such as knives and blades, or even teeth where you can’t tell of the internal damage inflicted.

Common backlashes from this kink include blood-borne infections, internal damage such as with nerves and muscles, and even death in the most extreme cases where accidents occur. Critics have often linked this kink, and vampirism as a whole, with the worship of occult beings, however many who follow the hematolagnia kink often only limit themselves to the sexual arousal derived through the sight and taste of blood, and nothing more. Sorry, conspiracists!

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