6 Secret Levels In Classic Games You Never Knew Existed


“Classic video games,” you whisper into the cartridge. “Reveal to me your secrets! Tell me what you hide! Tell me… of your secret levels!” Some of these levels were programmed into the game and not used. Some are glitches. Some are rewards. But all of them are buried deep like a skeleton hugging a treasure chest. Explore dear gamers, explore!


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Secret Palace Zone

Programmed into the game, but only accessible through the programmer friendly debug mode, Secret Palace Zone hints at an element of Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s story that was cut. The Secret Palace is spooky, and most damnigly has a gigantic chaos emerald in the center. This is the only mysterious Sonic continuity I care about. Sorry, Shadow’s grandpa Gerald Robotnik.


Super Mario Bros. – The Negative Levels

The video above gets into the negative levels at minute 3, and once you get there, prepare for a terrifying world of endless Mario horror. The Princess shows up randomly as you go on, the bloopers fly at you on land. It’s all a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my arch nemesis.


Diablo II – The Secret Cow Level

This is barely a secret level, but it is hidden. The cow level is a legend for anyone who adores Diablo II, as you slaughter hordes and hordes of cows rather than hordes and hordes of demons. Although this only seems like it’s funny to people because they don’t believe cows are capable of sin, and trust me friend, they are.


GoldenEye 007 – Aztec Level

The Aztec level in the N64’s GoldenEye 007 is accessed by beating the game at the absolute highest most ridiculous difficulty. So what’s your reward for a lifetime of amazing spy tactics? A parade? A gold watch? A quiet life retired? No! You get dropped into an Aztec temple. This is the way we treat our MI-6 alums?! Shameful!


Sonic Adventure 2 – Green Hill Zone

Sonic’s second appearance on this list is sort of a throwback. Getting perfect scores in every level yields you the opportunity to play this— the first level of the original Sonic the Hedgehog in beautiful 3D! The irony is, you have to be really good at this weird modern game to get to this level! Oh no!


Red Alert: Command & Conquer – Ant Level

Giant ants may not feel at home in the high concept super science world of Red Alert, yet they are no less delightful. Please people, more real time strategy games about destroying monsters! It’s great! Monsters don’t know how to play a vast tabletop game of strategy and skill! They just know how to crush! Let’s do this!


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