6 ‘Signs You’re Crazy’ That Don’t Necessarily Mean You’re Crazy



Madness can be indicated a number of ways. I won’t bore you with every single one of them. That said, sometimes people are wrong about why they think someone is “crazy”, and quite frankly, I think the following examples are wrong WAY too often. Here are some supposed signs you’re crazy that don’t necessarily mean you’re crazy:


Owning cats


Listen, cats are low maintenance and easy to care for. Do some people have too many cats? Sure. But owning a bunch of ANY animal is bad form, and you won’t see “hoarding” on here as a non-sign that you’re doing okay (because hoarding is bad.)


Road Rage


To be fair, some people get angry way too easily, but is it not possible that sometimes a roaring, frothing rage is not only justified but also the best response? If someone gets cut off by another motorist, who then proceeds to slow down to a crawl and impede traffic, the first driver should not just be like “it happens”. Then they’d be a sociopath, and you must get away from them as soon as possible.


Talking To Yourself


Oh, wow, I didn’t know talking through difficult problems with my best and most trusted confidant (me) meant I was “crazy”! I could’ve sworn that it just meant I was reasonable and good at figuring out how to deal with my problems. Sure, maybe I work those problems out loudly on the bus, but I still fail to see how that means anything about me.


Having “Daddy Issues”


You know who the truly crazy people among us are? People who DON’T have issues with their parents. Every time I meet someone’s family, and they’re all just loving and supportive of each other, all I can think is “Oh, okay, so you guys like lure hitch hikers into your basement, where you then proceed to torture and eat them. Got it.”


Being Too Emotional


First of all, being told you’re “too emotional” is usually rooted in the sexist equating of outward displays of emotion and femininity, which is harmful to just about everybody. But even on a more basic level, people have emotions! Just let us feel without calling into question our mental stability, for the love of God!


Spending a Lot of Time in Bed


Look, bed is warm and comforting. Your mattress is probably nice and broken in, in that way it gets right before it starts to break down. You, uh… can get sores if you’re in it… for too long… Okay, look, maybe this one is tough to argue with…

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