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The 6 Strangest Dating Shows Ever Created

The 6 Strangest Dating Shows Ever Created

There are a lot of ways to meet your soul mate, from blind dates to going online to going to the same coffee shop every day until Jessie notices you COME ON JESSIE I TIP YOU BIG EVERY DAY. But one kind of dating that’s reserved for the truly adventurous is the dating show. We’ve all seen the dating shows — where men and women meet in fun-yet-organized scenarios and get to know each other — that worked, but what about the ones that didn’t? Some dating shows are so strange you just have to stop and question the sanity of the people who thought them up. But hey, if you like crazy things, dating on one of these shows might be for you!

1. Dating in the Dark

dark room 4

On Dating in the Dark, contestants are put in a dark room with a bunch of strangers. They talk and get to know each other better until the contestant picks one of those strangers to go back into the dark room and have a “date”. If they both liked each other, they’d stand on opposite sides of the room while a light shines on the other person. If they liked how the person looked, they could continue dating them. If they didn’t… well… let’s just say this show got canceled.


2. Conveyor Belt of Love

men on conveyor belt

On Conveyor Belt of Love, a bunch of girls were seated in front of a conveyor belt while multiple guys rolled out. If the girls weren’t interested, the guy kept moving. It’s as messed up as it sounds.


3. Married by Mom and Dad

married by mom and dad

On Married by Mom and Dad, the contestant’s parents decided who they’d spend the rest of their lives with, and the couples never even met each other. At the end of the show, the parents ask the potential bride or groom if they’d marry their kids. If they said yes, they planned a wedding. That’s it. I don’t understand people who would willingly agree to get married to a stranger, but mother’s always right, right?


4. Date My Mom

date my mom

Participants on Date My Mom had to go on a date with the mom of whomever they’re trying to woo. They tell that person’s mom about themselves and the mom butters up their child to make them seem like the best candidate available. It’s not as weird as these other shows but still, it’s pretty weird.


5. Dating Naked

dating naked

Who cares about personality when your bits and pieces are just out there flapping in the wind? Dating Naked is literally like any other dating show, except that everyone is naked. I don’t understand it but hey, whatever gets the ratings up.


6. I Wanna Marry Harry

i wanna marry harry

A bunch of American girls think this poor ginger haired man is Prince Harry, and they wanna marry him. He doesn’t even look that much like Prince Harry but I guess love is blind? On I Wanna Marry Harry, all these women compete for Harry’s love, just to find out he’s a regular ol’ guy with red hair. Great idea for a show!

Which show do you think was the strangest?

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