With Deadpool opening to great reviews from both critics and audiences, other movie studios were immediately like “now we gotta make more R-rated superhero movies!” Of course, the gore and f-bombs weren’t what made Deadpool awesome — it’s more that they got the character right, not that it’s the kind of movie that would inherently be better with an R-rating. But that doesn’t matter — the grown-up superhero movies are going to happen. So, instead of just making any random comic book movie R-rated, here are some characters who would actually benefit from a more mature movie:

Dr. Strange

r rated strange

It’s probably too late to make this happen, but it would be amazing if Marvel Studios took this kind of a chance. Dr. Strange might not seem like the most obvious candidate, but he’s the sorcerer supreme. That means more than just fighting crime with magic — Dr. Strange regularly deals with the Marvel universe’s version of the devil. Souls are constantly being stolen or possessed, while the bodies of those innocent civilians are transformed into terrifying monsters. This concept seems like it would fit perfectly into the horror genre, or at least into a horror/action hybrid. The only thing about Dr. Strange that makes him accessible to younger audiences is that he wears a silly cape. That isn’t much of an issue because a) there are other, less adult themed characters with silly capes (hi there Ozymandias from Watchmen), and b) grown ups like silly capes too. Everyone does.



r rated lobo

Lobo is an invulnerable, foul-mouthed outer space bounty hunter who’s loves to blow stuff up. Yeah, it sounds like the sort of thing that an angsty teenager would come up with, but for some reason, Lobo totally works as a character. Instead of trying to turn Superman dark to appeal to an older audience, how about just introducing Lobo and bringing in some mayhem? Doesn’t that sound more fun? It would be like Guardians of the Galaxy, except with more swearing and violence. And the best part is, the kind of annoying teenagers who would have thought up Lobo won’t be allowed in the theater to see Lobo!


Savage Dragon

r rated dragon

The Savage Dragon comic itself is pretty straightforward: this guy is super strong and green and he fights bad super-freaks. It was actually one of the original comics produced by Image comics, and has been running steadily since the company’s formation. Even though it might not get a lot of mainstream attention, Savage Dragon is obviously doing something right. If studios are looking for R-rated superheroes, this property is perfect — it was designed to be a more mature version of Marvel stories. Also, if Marvel isn’t going to bite the bullet and make a movie about a giant green strong guy, somebody else should.


Ghost Rider

r rated rider

Let’s recap the Ghost Rider story: a stuntman named Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the devil to keep his dad from dying of cancer. Of course, Johnny’s dad dies anyway, but because of a motorcycle instead of his illness. This technically still fulfills the deal. Blaze is then possessed by the spirit of vengeance, which makes his head erupt in flames. He goes out every night to chase those who have sinned. Knowing that story, doesn’t it seem kind of crazy that both Ghost Rider movies were PG-13? Maybe it’s time to revisit this franchise and give it a rating that will allow the filmmakers to explore this truly terrifying concept.


The Question

r rated question

The Question is a pulpy investigative journalist who wears a blank mask that makes it look like he has no face at all. Another DC character that would fit with their weird “everything has to be grim” movie mentality — man, the people in charge of making their movies really seem to hate light heartedness and hope — there’s no way to do a Question movie without an R-rating.


The Hood

r rated hood

Technically, The Hood isn’t a super hero. He isn’t even an antihero. He’s a straight up villain. But not all movies have to be about good guys, especially the R-rated ones. Parker Robbins was a small time crook until he found a cloak and boots that once belonged to a demon. They give him the power to turn invisible and float, which he obviously uses to commit even more crimes. Eventually, The Hood becomes a godfather sort of character for Marvel’s underworld. He unites the bad guys together and becomes one of the most feared villains on the scene. Now that sounds like a good movie! We’re talking The Godfather with silly costumes and super powers. If anyone reading this works for Hollywood, make this happen now!


Any other heroes that need the boost from PG-13 to R? Let me know

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