6 Ways To Tell If You Understand Irony Online

6 Ways To Tell If You Understand Irony Online


The world of online comedy can be a confusing and mixed up place for the unprepared. Being able to correctly identify the tone and meaning behind jokes on the world wide web can dictate a lot of the fun you will have in certain sphere of the digital community. But it’s harder then ever to figure out just what’s what with comedy these days. Third-wave irony is running rampant, and literally no one knows what that means. But do you fancy yourself someone who’s “with it”? Do you know “what’s what”? Can you “differentiate things”? Here’s a simple guide to know whether or not you understand irony on the internet.

Have You Explained Anything TO Anyone Online

Helpful Tip: Don’t explain things to people online. If you do then you clearly don’t understand irony online.

Do You Have A Hard Time Telling If People Really Like Things Or Are Just Liking Things Because It Would Be Funny To Say They Liked Them?


Seriously don’t take the time to give detailed explanation of things to people online, because you run the risk of finding out that that person was just joking in the first place and you look like a jackass. Like, if you explain that some people actually like Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar, while others are simply pretending to like it because liking it would be a funny joke, they’d be like “we know.” Or worse, they would double down on the bit and be like “No, it IS good” and you’d look even more foolish. So just NEVER take the time or care to explain things to people online and you should be safe from irony.


Have You Ever Been Outraged By An Onion Article?


I can’t stress enough how explaining things to people online is the number one way to tell that you don’t get irony online. Like making a list of ways in which people should understand something but don’t. That’s a big no-no.


Have You Ever Commented On Something “Ironic” By Pointing Out The Irony?


For instance, if you were to give advice to a lot of people all at once, THAT could be taken the wrong way and you would look silly. And people could point out that it’s ironic by commenting on it about how it is ironic. But maybe you knew it was ironic so them pointing out that it’s ironic would be the real irony? Just a thought.


Okay I’m Looking It Up Now And I’m Not Sure I Totally Understand Irony


Guys, I have to come clean — I have no idea what irony is. I just looked it up now and I think I was thinking of satire, maybe? Or it could just be things that are unfortunate coincidences? None of this is necessarily “the opposite of what you would expect”. I really got myself twisted up in a pretzel over this one. Let me keep reading this definition… Wait… Whoa! Dramatic irony? What the HELL is THIS nonsense now?! Oh boy, this is way more confusing then I thought. It’s a damn advanced placement literature course up in here.


Sarcasm. I Was Thinking Of Sarcasm. This List Should Be Called “How To Tell If You Understand Sarcasm Online”


Sorry everyone. It was sarcasm. I was thinking of ways to tell if you understand sarcasm online. That’s what this should be about. Still have no f*cking clue what irony is.


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