The 6 Worst TV Shows Based On Popular Movies

It’s not uncommon for a TV show to be adapted into a movie, and the results are typically kind of boring. It’s a little less common to see it go the other way, and have a movie become a TV show. When it does happen, though, it still doesn’t work. But since Hollywood is terrified of new ideas, they still try to make it happen. Here are six movies that were made into terrible TV shows.


movie tv tremors

Tremors is a minor cult classic about underground monsters that eat people. The film gets more attention than it deserves simply because it stars Kevin Bacon. It’s spawned a bunch of sequels, but none of them had Kevin Bacon in them, so they were mostly ignored. For whatever reason, the SyFy channel (at that point still called Sci-Fi Channel) made a TV show out of the movie that once again lacked Kevin Bacon. It turns out that it’s not a good idea to take a mediocre monster movie and remove the big name star — the final result will not be a hit TV show.

The Odd Couple

movie tv odd

In 1968, The Odd Couple was a movie, and would prove to be one of the few successful film-to-TV moves, in that its sitcom off-shoot is considered a classic. Recently though, Matthew Perry rebooted The Odd Couple again, and made it an almost perfect mess. This new Odd Couple stars a sitcom star from almost two decades ago and uses a tired concept from the ‘60s. It’s like they forgot they were making a show in 2015. If they could find a way to air this show back in 1997, it’d be a huge hit!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

movie tv bueller

Film audiences only spent one day with Ferris Bueller — seeing someone act so selfishly and entitled all the time would get obnoxious. And that was exactly the problem with the Ferris Bueller TV show. At some point, the TV audience got sick of watching somebody push his friends around so he could go on wacky adventures. The show didn’t even make it through its first season, but it is memorable for one reason — a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston was one of the series regulars (but she probably would prefer nobody bring that up).

Friday the 13th: The Series

movie tv friday

The Friday the 13th TV series had literally nothing at all to do with the film series with which it shares a name — it’s about an antique dealer who sells haunted goods. It’s also not a coincidence that it’s called Friday the 13th — the series was created by one of the film’s producers. The show was originally going to be called something else, but the producer decided to change the name so people would think it was related to the film series. This show is like a horrible prank that keeps getting played on audiences every time reruns air.

Napoleon Dynamite

movie tv napoleon

People thought Napoleon Dynamite was funny in 2004 because it was so weird, but when everyone started quoting it, we got sick of it real fast. Despite the fact that no one liked it anymore, Fox made an animated series out of the movie in 2012. The entire cast returned, because none of them could turn down the work. At this point, no one found Napoleon Dynamite charmingly quirky anymore — they were all just annoyed by the whole thing. The show’s producers tried to crank up the quirkiness, and the whole thing blew up in their faces after only six episodes.

Freddy’s Nightmares

movie tv freddy

Unlike Friday the 13thFreddy’s Nightmares was actually about A Nightmare on Elm Street. Well, kind of. It was an anthology series which featured Freddy Krueger as the host. He would introduce each story, even if he wasn’t very often involved with the actual plots. It still wasn’t a great idea, though — having Freddy Krueger introduce the stories just reminded audiences of more entertaining movies that were actually about Freddy Krueger.


The 6 Worst TV Shows Based On Popular Movies

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