YouTube challenges let you try something new, laugh at yourself, and have strangers on the internet laugh at you… OR they can be horrifying experiences that send you to the morgue! Some people aren’t satisfied with cute fun challenges like the whisper or ice bucket challenge. No, they want to cause potentially cause permanent bodily harm to themselves just to get views and likes. If you try any of these six challenges, you should be locked up in crazy jail.

1) The condom challenge

There are a couple different condom challenges, and while they’re all distasteful and weird, the worst is definitely the challenge where you snort a condom into your nose so that it comes out your mouth. I can’t even think of how much money you’d have to pay me to endure the pain and humiliation of having to go to the ER because I have a condom stuck in my nasal cavity. No thank you. I’ll admit that I didn’t watch this video because the very idea of this makes my skin crawl. Whoever came up with this challenge, I hate your f*cking guts.

2) The wasabi challenge

There are two horrible ways to do the wasabi challenge — either snort wasabi up your nose, or eat a huge spoonful. And then burn the hell out of your mouth, barf, and sh*t your pants. To be fair, I once ate a spoonful of wasabi in trade for a Vin Diesel poster but 1) it was a teaspoon, not a tablespoon, 2) I got a Vin Diesel poster out of it, and 3) I am stupid.


3) The salt and ice challenge

The salt and ice challenge involves putting salt on your skin and then rubbing it with ice. Salt and ice have some sort of reaction that makes that sh*t cold as hell and can easily give you second or third degree burns, so on your wedding day you’ll be like “damn I wish I could cover up these scars from doing the freaking SALT AND ICE challenge when I was FIFTEEN but NOOO I just HAD TO put SALT AND ICE on my arms god DAMN it.”


4) The cinnamon challenge

I never thought this one sounded like such a big deal until I found out the awful sh*t it can actually do to you. GloZell has said in interviews that she regrets it because she now has chronic sore, scratchy throat and her singing voice was affected. That’s a sick “would you rather” — would you rather have a sore throat every day and get some views on YouTube, or just not do that?

Because you’re likely to breathe in the cinnamon (breathing in things that aren’t air is really not a good thing), some people doing this challenge have even collapsed a lung. COLLAPSED A LUNG. I really want to go my whole f*cking life with intact lungs, so yeah, this challenge is stupid as hell.


5) The cold water challenge

For the cold water challenge, people find a lake or river with really cold water and get all the way in. I feel like you might be able to guess why this could be a bad idea (hypothermia is one reason, getting into water so cold that your body goes into shock and you can’t swim is another). A 16-year-old boy in Minnesota tried it and drowned. As in, he died. Forever. Because of a YouTube challenge.

6) The fire challenge

And now for quite possibly the dumbest challenge ever created — willingly lighting yourself on fire. LIGHTING YOURSELF ON FIRE! Sure, you’re not SUPPOSED to catch your actual skin on fire but that doesn’t mean people aren’t! Multiple kids and teenagers have ended up in the hospital with severe burns, awful pain, thousands of dollars worth of medical bills, and a terrible case of feeling like an absolute idiot. Whoever invented this challenge should burn indeed — in hell.

Which of these challenges do you think is the dumbest? Do you know anyone who’s tried them?


6 YouTube Challenges You’d Have To Be Crazy To Try

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