It’s always a big dilemma trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. We made it easier for you this year by rounding up some of the best costumes we found for men on the web. Or perhaps we just made it harder with way more picks to choose from!

Source: Reddit user d1woodbury via Imgur
Source: Reddit user freezingman66 via Imgur
Source: Reddit user zb2good via Imgur
Source: Reddit user josh1510 via Imgur
Image Source: Instagram user jkeras
Source: Reddit user Kristin_ols23 via Imgur
Source: Reddit user dasfrank via Imgur
Source: Reddit user keywasted via Imgur
This Flanders costume by Twitter user bobbieinfo is one of the best we’ve seen.
Source: Reddit user Tubbsie via Imgur
Source: Imgur
“Ecce Homo” is a fresco of Jesus Christ in Spain that was badly restored by an untrained painter in 2012.
Source: Imgur user l00kielou via Imgur
Ironically, Matt’s punny costume won him the worst costume of the party.
Source: Reddit user nicatous via Imgur
Source: J. Chase via Imgur
The right to bear arms.
Source: Reddit user Andrenator via Imgur
Don’t forget to check out our 57 group DIY costumes!
Source: Imgur user d416 via Imgur

66 Wildly Creative DIY Costumes For Men


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