7 Actors Who Always Give a Bad Performance

If you haven’t been familiar with a certain actor for their entire career, you sometimes discover surprising things about them. Some of them used to be singers, some were in the military, and some were super hot. But sometimes, you’re mostly just surprised to discover that not only are they a bad actor now, but they’ve always been a bad actor. Forever. It’s kind of surprising to sustain that level of non-excellence, but I am genuinely impressed by it. If you need some examples of who I might be talking about, READ ON!

Jessica Biel

Jessica biel in stealth

I wonder if Jessica Biel didn’t just have bad luck in terms of her choices of projects; she showed that she could be charming and charismatic on Seventh Heaven, of all things, but the closest Jessica Biel has come to giving a compelling film performance was in The Tall Man (once again, of all things). She even tried the prestige picture route with The Illusionist, but critics considered her to be out of her league having to act alongside Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti. Then she tried the dour ensemble picture with Powder Blue, a movie no one saw (which is good, because if they had they would not have liked it). All of this actually makes me kind of bummed out, because I still like Jessica Biel for some reason — she’s always charming in interviews, but no one has found a way to capture that effect on film.

Kellan Lutz

Kellan lutz holds gun

This guy should have a medical condition named after him, in which someone is unable to show any emotion. At all. It feels A LITTLE like unfairly picking on someone, since the guy was only in a few movies and now hosts some sort of extreme stunt show on TV, but he’s just that bad. The Rock’s version of Hercules wasn’t amazing by any means, but the fact that it came out not long after Kellan Lutz’s version was the best possible thing to happen for it, since the comparison turned The Rock’s version into The Godfather, and Lutz’s version into a video of a pig pooping on its own balls.

Matthew Fox

jesus matthew fox

Sure, he was good initially on Lost, but by the end of the show he was probably your least favorite character. Mathew Fox has only been in bad movies (Speed Racer has its fans, but not because of him) and Party of Five was like two decades ago. He’s sort of a bland, moderately intense everyman, and lord knows Hollywood has enough of those.

Gerard Butler

Gerard butler at the beach

I don’t know if you can consider having rockin’ abs and convincingly screaming “THIS! IS! SPARTA!” a stellar on-camera performance, and other than 300 what has this guy been good in? He’s honestly Hollywood’s most baffling movie star — no one sees his movies, no one likes his movies, and yet they keep making him the star of movies.

Hayden Christensen

cat dragged into bathtub

The second worst Anakin Skywalker in cinematic history, Hayden Christensen belongs on this list for giving the worst performances in the Star Wars prequels, which are comprised entirely of bad performances. But his IMDB page is littered with whiny, grating performances, which actually benefits him in Shattered Glass, his one really good movie. There’s something about Hayden Christensen that just seems… unseemly. Now, that would’ve been fine, if he’d been cast as unseemly characters, but he isn’t — he’s always playing some sort of hero, and it makes it very easy to root for the villain.

Demi Moore

demi moore in scarlet letter

The original queen of the “works all the time, is bad all the time” actors, Demi Moore’s career has been inexplicable, in that it lasted a really long time.

50 Cent

50 cent getting that chemo

You’re probably thinking “50 Cent, I remember that guy; he’s a rapper and businessman, not an actor.” Well, check his IMDB — this guy has had over twenty roles. Guess how many people have enjoyed. Well, you already know, considering it’s the premise of the entire article, but still. 50 Cent could not stop trying to establish himself as a dramatic leading man, right down to a movie where he played a college student who loses everything (including forty pounds) to cancer… at age 34. He was ridiculed for about two years over his awful, awful performance.


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7 Actors Who Always Give a Bad Performance

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