7 Of The Biggest ‘MUST HAVE’ Christmas Gift Crazes In History

What’s better than having a cool toy for Christmas? How about having the cool toy all your friends wish they had? Some years, the Christmas toy crazes are downright insane. Here are seven of the most popular Christmas toys that caused total Christmas crazes.


1. Cabbage Patch Kids

For some reason, kids loved these ugly-ass dolls in 1983. I guess American Girl dolls just weren’t a thing yet? Cabbage Patch Kids became so popular that there were RIOTS in stores short on supply. It was all over the news — parents bribed toy store employees, fought over toys (which resulted in broken bones), and prompted store owners to have baseball bats at the ready to f*ck up the moms and dads who got out of line. By 1984, the Cabbage Patch company had sold 1 billion dollars worth of ugly dolls. So whenever you hear older people complaining about young people protesting, just tell them we aren’t the generation that rioted over god damned Cabbage Patch Kids.


2. Nintendo Entertainment System

In 1988, Nintendo took over the world. In an article published in the New York Times 27 years ago, Rick Anguilla, editor of Toy and Business World, said, “For boys in this country between the ages of 8 and 15, not having a Nintendo is like not having a baseball bat.” Well doesn’t Rick look dumb now. Having a Nintendo is nothing like having a baseball bat. It completely replaced the baseball bat.


3. Tickle Me Elmo

To be fair, Tickle Me Elmo sounds fun and I think hearing his giggles would be fun. BUT AT WHAT PRICE? Elmo was only supposed to cost $28.99 but some crazy people sold them online for as much as $1500 and on December 14, 1996, Walmart clerk Robert Waller was nearly died as parents rushed to grab the toys. “I was pulled under, trampled — the crotch was yanked out of my brand-new jeans,” said Waller, who suffered a pulled hamstring, injuries to his back, jaw and knee, a broken rib, and a concussion. “I was kicked with a white Adidas before I became unconscious.” What… what is this world. Why are people like this. Nobody needs to tickle Elmo that badly.


4. Furby

Furby was THE toy of 1998. They could talk, play with each other, and be generally adorable. Time Magazine wrote this colorful description of the intensity of their popularity: “Your kid won’t stop begging for a Furby, right? She says they squawk in kiddie gibberish and make gurgling noises and sing songs. And you’ve driven to every mall in the state and still can’t find it. Your next-door neighbor traded his car for a dozen on a black-market website, but he’s hoarding them until just before Christmas, prime time for scalping. You’re stuck with a K-Mart waiting list and cheerful lies from salespeople: ‘We’ll call you soon.’ Makes you wanna gouge those adorable Furby eyes right out of their electronic sockets.” Fun fact, I got two Furbies in 1998 and I still have them and they still work. Clearly worth the $35.


5. Razor Scooters

Just look at the kids in this ad! So f*cking cool. 5 million Razor scooters were sold in 2000, when shaggy haired tweens all over the world prayed that Santa would put this gnarly toy under the tree.


6. Bratz

In 2001, Chloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin staggered onto the scene with their giant heads and flashy outfits and became a massive Christmas hit. The Bratz dolls were cooler than cool for every girl who was too edgy for Barbie. Because that’s what 8-year-olds need to be — edgy. The controversy over their heavily made-up faces, sassy names, and sexy (if you’re into dolls) outfits helped sell 125 million Bratz over the next five years.


7. Hatchimals?

Hatchimals are said to be this year’s must-have toy. Apparently you have to love and nurture the egg before the magical creature inside will come out? Some stores were sold out by November. Will Hatchimals be this year’s Furby? History shall decide.

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