7 Celebrated Historical Figures Who Were Closet Scumbags

The following people have done such amazing things, so when we learn about who they are, the small details of their personal lives are glossed are usually over. And by small details, I mean shocking facts that will change the way you view these people forever.

Gandhi beat his wife, was friends with Hitler, and was super racist.

There’s no doubt that Gandhi’s peaceful protests shaped the world we live in today. But, by his own admission, he didn’t entirely practice what he preached. In his autobiography, Papa Mahatma admits to beating his wife while in South Africa. He also wrote Hitler a letter, naming the Fuhrer his friend, and looking to Adolph as a possible ally to the Indian cause. The most baffling, however, were his racist attitudes towards South Africans, which he shared openly. He was all about equality and peace and respect for his fellow man, unless of course, for his wife and Africans.

Source: MKgandhi.org

Patrick Henry kept his wife locked up in a basement.

Patrick “Hat-Trick” Henry (his unofficial rapper name), is most widely known for telling the British to fuck off in the coolest way imaginable: “Give me liberty or give me death.” He also dealt with his wife’s post-partum depression in the worst way imaginable: by locking her up in the basement of their family home and ignoring her, which makes his famous quote very ironic now. I guess fighting colonial imperialists was a lot easier than trying to find a way to treat his wife’s mental illness.

Source: History.org

Thomas Jefferson had a whole other family with Sally Hemmings, which he never acknowledged.

Jefferson was a very forward-thinking President, he even predicted the skullduggery that the Private Banking system is perpetrating on the economy today. He was also a hypocrite: he publicly decried interracial relationships, while carrying on one with hisslave, Sally Hemmings. They had children together and lived on his estate, Monticello. He never formally acknowledged his secret family, or the fact that he was a closet scumbag.


Source: NY Times

Woodrow Wilson was a Confederate level racist.

President Wilson’s policies were progressive and all about promoting civil liberties in both America and around the globe. However, he also “regretted the outcome of the civil war.” So much so, that he set up racially segregated offices in the White House and barred African-Americans from attaining high level civil service positions. He even held a viewing party of a Ku Klux Klan propaganda film at the White House. There’s no word as to whether or not he quickly covered the screen when Black employees passed by the screening room.

Source: BU EDU

Thomas Edison was a total asshole – stole practically every idea from Nikola Tesla

Thomas Edison created the light bulb, and is almost entirely responsible for barring free, superior electricity technologies from the American market. He also stole from Nikola Tesla – A LOT and, usually with hired thugs, spent a lot of time discrediting Tesla, threatening him, and destroying his work. He even cheated Tesla out of $50,000, (which is over a million dollars, today, adjusted for inflation) when he offered the superior scientist and inventor money to re-tool Edison Electric’s inefficient motors. When Tesla did and asked Edison to pay up, Thomas laughed and said, “Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor.” Whatta douche.

Source: Listverse

Mother Teresa grossly mismanaged charitable donations and was primarily concerned with converting the people she helped.

Mother Teresa is a literal saint and is still renowned for her selfless pursuit of performing charitable work. However, she refused to ever have audits performed on the donations she received, and many of the locations she claimed to raise money for, never saw a dime. She also was a religious fanatic, opening 500 or so convents in her name and was heaven-bent on converting the people she was helping. There’s a whole documentary about her, too, called “Hell’s Angel.” Subtle.

Source: Slate

Jobs was a cutthroat idea thief; and he screwed over his partner, Wozniak.

Steve Jobs is hailed as an innovative genius. The Apple brand is one of the most recognizable in the world, because Steve made it that way. However, he shamelessly stole design ideas for both computer hardware and software, including the iPod. When Jobs worked at Atari also lied to Steve Wozniak about how much bonus money they received for building a scaled-down version of Pong. Steve took most of the money for himself, not telling Woz about it. We could get stealing money from someone when you weren’t balling, but it’s kinda hard to excuse dickish behavior later in life, when you’re ballin’.




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Steve Jobs wasn’t a closet scumbag. He was right out there in open view. The only people who didn’t see it were the ones who weren’t looking and the idiots who simply refused to believe that their god could ever do such a thing.

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