7 Celebrities Who Gave Up Kids for Adoption

Giving up a child for adoption is a difficult decision that people make for a variety of reasons, usually because they aren’t prepared to be a good parent. And while celebrities are usually in the news for adopting kids, remember, they are indeed just like us. Some celebrities have had to give up children, and in at least one case, adopted another years later. Here are seven celebrities who put their kids up for adoption.


1) Clark Gable

Clark Gable jpg

Clark Gable and Loretta Young were having an affair in 1935 which resulted in pregnancy. Back then, having a child out of wedlock was devastating to someone’s reputation — particularly the woman’s because the patriarchy — so they gave up the baby for adoption. Loretta went back a year and a half later to adopt her own baby but didn’t reveal her parentage. Clark Gable reportedly only met his daughter, Judy Young, once. Even Rhett Butler wouldn’t be such a dog.

2) Roseanne Barr

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Roseanne had a daughter, Brandi Brown, when she was 17 in 1970. She gave her up for adoption, although she initially wanted to keep her. Roseanne was young and poor and felt she couldn’t give her a good life. The two forged a relationship of their own as adults and Brandi worked as a production assistant on Roseanne.

3) Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein’s first daughter Lieserl was reportedly given up for adoption in 1902, and no records remain about her besides letters exchanged between Albert and his wife Mileva. There are multiple theories about what happened to her Lieserl — she may have been either mentally challenged or blind since birth and gone to live with relatives of Mileva, or maybe died of scarlet fever in 1903. I guess at this point, we probably aren’t going to figure it out for sure.

4) Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart jpg

Rod Stewart and his girlfriend Suzannah Boffey had a daughter in 1963, but they were still teenagers and unmarried so they gave her up for adoption. Stewart and his daughter later reconnected as adults after her adoptive parents died. Stewart said in an interview with CNN, “I never felt like I was her dad, because I didn’t take her to school, change her nappies, there was no paternal thing there, but I’m trying.” Maybe Rod doesn’t know that even a lot of dads who stick around don‘t do those things. You can still be a dad, Rod!

5) Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman jpg

Andy Kaufman had a daughter with his girlfriend when they were still in high school. Once his daughter was an adult, she researched her ancestry and found out who her famous father was, though he’d unfortunately already passed away. She did manage to connect with other members of his family, however.

6) Mercedes Ruehl

Mercedes Ruehl jpg

Mercedes Ruehl, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for The Fisher King in 1991, gave up her son Christopher for adoption in 1976. Almost two decades later in 1995, Ruehl and her husband adopted their son Jake and Christopher is his godfather. I honestly had no idea who Mercedes Ruehl was until I was researching this article but that’s an amazing story so I had to include it. I guess I should probably see the The Fisher King too? That’s supposed to be good.

7) Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog Bounty jpg

This one’s weird. When Dog (his real name’s Duane but whatever) was a teenager, his girlfriend got pregnant and never told him. She gave up the child and committed suicide shortly after, without Dog ever knowing that he had a baby. After his son became an adult, his grandmother put them in touch and they have since formed a relationship.



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