7 Gross Smells That Aren’t Poop That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Freshly clipped toenails.

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Think about it. You’re walking around all day, your feet jammed into socks, your socks jammed into shoes. Your toenails are like a sarcophagus for all the bacteria that’s been building up in your feet. Clipping these bad boys are like opening Pandora’s box of stank.


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You usually aren’t smelling your own sneeze because your nose is preoccupied with shooting out streams of wet germs into the air. But they freaking reek. Especially if someone hasn’t brushed their teeth or has bad breath. Go ahead, take a whiff of the air after you let a sneeze go, once you take in that pungent aroma, you’ll regret it instantly.

Popped animal cysts.

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OK so this is freaking disgusting to look at, and the googly eyes don’t really help the situation. But think of a cyst as a pimple on steroids, it’s filled with festering blood and pus that’s been pent up for a while. Definitely, no bueno, brah.

Shoeing a horse.

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Horses are big animals that take massive dumps (don’t see why they get to crap in the street but I can’t) but that’s not the stinkiest part about these majestic creatures: their hooves stink to high heaven. Just ask any ranch hands who’ve filed down and re-shoed a horse.

Unwashed protein shaker cup.

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So you’ve completed your workout and you need some GROW-tein, STAT. You grab your handy dandy shaker cup, throw in a couple of scoops of whey and then proceed to slurp down those glorious nutrients your body craves. Then you delude yourself into thinking you’ll wash it. It gets put back away in your cupboard somehow, unwashed. Or you leave it in your car. For a month. Don’t even think about opening it and taking a whiff. It never, ever, leaves you.

This goddamn flower.

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Appropriately named “The Corpse Flower” because it smells like a decomposing body, this big beautiful chunk of mother nature will probably make you vomit right into its giant, bell petals.


Not Hugh Jackman, but the animals. They come equipped with glands that allow them to mark their territory. The filthy bastards even spray their food and bury it underground to deter others from eating it. That’s like me pissing on a sandwich and putting it in the fridge.


7 Gross Smells That Aren’t Poop That You Should Avoid At All Costs



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